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Unreal Tournament 2003 More updates from Mark Rein at Epic on the Mac UT2K3 porting.

This week we've been showing UT2003 on Macintosh OS X (10.2 ) at Macworld at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. The response to the game has been awesome. Mac users seem to be very enthusiastic about UT2003! Its great to see new Apple hardware coming out with decent graphics support built in and the OS X development team keeping on top of the Open...


Unreal Tournament 2003 New Mod Team forming up, help needed!

I'll let UlT1MaT3 explain it to you: hey, I am starting a mini mod series with small game types and I just need a few people since I am a mapper. We Need 2 Mappers 2 Modellers 1 Sound Artist 2 Skinners 1 Coder 1 Web Artist and If you would like to help out email me at mikebaglole@pei.eastlink.ca and I will send you the mod ideas wh...


Unreal Tournament 2003 Forums are Back!

Yay! After Mr Fragland got his problems sorted out, the forums appear to be back :D Though they may go down again, call for the Ghosts busters......or not. http://forums.filesnetwork.com get over there my minions!


Unreal Tournament 2003 Tim Sweeney responds to several of the UT2k3 wishlist items

Tim Sweeney responded today in the Infogrames Forums to address some of the wish list items for UT2k3 and how they may be reflected in the upcoming patch.That's a great list. We are lurking and watching all of these threads closely. If you don't hear a lot from us, it's because everyone's working like mad on the patch. :-) Many of the items on your list...


Unreal Tournament 2003 UT2003 Patch coming in the near future.

BigSquid (Epic programmer) was kind enough to post in the InfoGrames forums a peek at what might be coming in the first patch. You can follow up the thread here.


Unreal Tournament 2003 Halloween already?...The story behind the orange text in the manual.

A post in the Infograme's forum from Pezman tries to explain to those of you that received a manual with orange text instead of black.Someone at the printing press was smoking crack and now what was supposed to be black text on a white background became ORANGE on white. Check it out here


Unreal Tournament 2003 Where's my UT2003!

We've got some updates and thoughts from 'headup', the brand manager for Infogrames.Ok - here's the deal... The date we've been working toward is October 1st. HOWEVER, we smacked our manufacturers around a bit and we hope to have the game on shelves in many larger retailers (US) tomorrow (Friday). This might not happen due to the unpredictability of what...


Unreal Tournament 2003 Pics of the box art have been posted!

Pezman was kind enough post pics of the box art so that we aren't left wondering the stores looking for the game upon release day (Like it's gonna be hard to miss at any major retailer that will be carrying it). I do like the question posed on the back of the box though. I plan on being an MVP, how bout you? Check it out here.


Unreal Tournament 2003 Got a list of the current map names to be released with the final game.

Over in the Onion forums I found a thread listing the map names currently planned to be issued with the game when it goes gold (this is all assumed). You can check out the article for yourself right here. Remember though, everything is subject to change until they press the final cd.


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