Unreal Tournament 2003

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Unreal Tournament 2003 Guests Please read

Well it seems like there are more guests then users. If you are having problems or you are simple new to the site please take some time to sign up. By signing you'll get some ads taken off and file reports on front page. If you would like to sign up please click the following link: http://www.ut200...


Unreal Tournament 2003 New Site Staff~! General Sparky

We have new staff.He'll be helping with the skin/model reviews.So lets welcome him in ;)


Unreal Tournament 2003 Want to be part of Fusion-X?

Well as you probly already heard, we have a new hosted site.Right now they need some help.They are looking for looking for any mappers, modders that can contribute to the community and be apart of the team. If you would like to be part of this great site(click here) please contact Metz EMAIL: M...


Unreal Tournament 2003 New Hosted Site!!!! Fusion-x2k3~!

We have a new hosted site.Its dedicated to tweaking and modifying ut2003. You can get there by clicking here.


Unreal Tournament 2003 New staff and other news..

We have new staff, for map reviewers we have DSK_Tweaker.He'll be helping with the map staff with the maps. For skin reviewing we have HERO-B-IN .He's a nice person who's gonna help with the skin/model reviewing. In other news the maps and models page are up at wgs.ut2003files.com.


Unreal Tournament 2003 We're having some trouble....

Well the recent files we've uploaded do not have screenshots because there's a technical problem with the system.Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Unreal Tournament 2003 WGS Server Files

All these maps and models are on the WGS, and we need them here to make the index work at the the wgs.ut2003files.com site. Stay tuned , there will be more.


Unreal Tournament 2003 New hosted site:Evilengine's WareHouse

Heh Remember all those custom models and weapons? Well EvilEngine has developed a site that has all of his models and weapons at his site.Pretty nifty if ya ask me ;).So lets welcome him in by checkin out his site ;) by clicking here Don't forget, if you have custom models and weapon that you wil...


Unreal Tournament 2003 The WGS Website has joined ut2003files.com!

The Wicked Game Server originall site was having problems.Till I asked cvroy if he'd like to be hosted here. He very well liked the idea. So now he's with us.....again =).You can click the link under the Hosted sites section or by clicking here It should be fully functional by the end of the week.....


Unreal Tournament 2003 New staff Member, VSK_AgentSmith!

Lets welcome our newest staff member. We will keep us up to date with the news with me(I just had so much things to do , I needed help).He will get info about mod developement and any other Ut2003 community news.This should be a big help.


Unreal Tournament 2003 Lets wecome our New Skin and model reviewer, Alybe!

Lets welcome our Newest staff member Shes very polite and nice to talk to. She will be reviewing skins and models with jengirl.This will be a big help in our progress with the site.


Unreal Tournament 2003 Site updates

Well since I became Site Admin, I chose to fix the errors that were on the page. Alot of them were on the left menu.I had to remake each document from scratch Here's what I fixed: Cheats: menu displays cheats and other useful hints for UT2003. Requirements: displays a list of minimum and reco...


Unreal Tournament 2003 JenGirl is the new skin reviewer

Lets welcome JenGirl, the new skin reviewer! Turns out that cvroy wants to do maps and jengirl wants to do skins, this should help alot.


Unreal Tournament 2003 Lets welcome the new map reviewers! Cvroy and jengirl!


Unreal Tournament 2003 lRe4peR leaving ut2003files...

I'm following Xenocide and CaNNoN in their footsteps, good bye guy's :| Sincerly, lRe4peR