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Weapons utkiller Minigun UT2004 Mutator

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Utkiller Minigun Mutator ModThis is UT2004 modified minigun with primary fire intact and alternative fire for explo...


Animals and Monsters Spaceworms

"Spaceworms" was conceived 2 years ago, but there has been no time for completion with all the deathmatch audits . toda...


Mutators Shield_Shard_UT2k4

Shield Shard = a 12 point shield pickup its data-size = 4.61 KB root directory operation = System [...


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Other DM-RF-Dm13-Mazeway

I present you my second multiplayer-oriented map and the fourth remake of a level from Red Faction 2001. Recreated using the Unreal Engine 2...


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Other Dm-RF-Ventilation Shaft

In the year 2075 on Mars, the rebellion of the Red Faction against the tyranny of the Ultor corporation took place. This time you visit the...


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Deathmatch DM-Grey Matter

Description: The great belongings of the Ultor Corporation on Mars are inviting you to the vast indoors of its futuristic complex to partic...


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Add-Ons Halo 3 Pelican for UT2004

This is still in Beta form.


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Other YARM DM ME Style Map Pack

Two maps for UT2k4 that mimic the Mirror's Edge art style. The first is a recreation of the Shard rooftop from ME, the second is a UT2k4 ve...


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Vehicle CTF VCTF Sangre Valley beta 4

A UT2k4 VCTF map based on the general layout of Blood Gulch from Halo and with a desert southwest theme. Custom textures and static meshes w...


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Miscellaneous Tools Parser's UT2k4 Single Player Framework

The file includes source code script files as well as the basic compiler .bat files. Some simple example test maps are also included.


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Miscellaneous Tools UZTool

Use this to unpack .uz2 files quickly and easily.


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Deathmatch DM-RF-Barracks

Remake of the level from 2001's Red Faction.


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Add-Ons FunWeapon



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Other DM-CTF-DSDB-SpaceTube

***Installation*** Install the following files into your Unreal Tournament 2004 dirctoryin the required folders. Extract UT2 files into Map...


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Other DSDB LavaVille

The map is made for CTF ICTF DM TDM TAM AM. Custom textures and static meshes have been added. The map download size is a bit big.


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Other DSDB-CTF-SpaceCheese

***Installation*** Install the following files into your Unreal Tournament 2004 directoryin the required folders. Extract UT2 files into Ma...


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Deathmatch DM-DSDB-SpaceCheese

Custom textures are added and staticmeshes. The map download size is a bit big.Sorry for that... Cheese Map size:small-Medium Cheese...


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Map details: For the CTF version, both flags start outside of a building. A simple X protects your flag. The building has two floors. The 2n...


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Other Bembix's Test Map

Made by Bembix


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Other MTank First Test Vehicle

It's not totally completed, but it works. My first vehicle for ut2k4 and additional vctf map (poor quality because i made it pretty fast). F...


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