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Skins Bowser

bowser for ut2004I found the model browsing the internet and adapted it for UT, it has some errors in the animation but it is perfectly play...


Skins Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin para ut2004El modelo fue extraido del juego Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse y adaptado para utEnglishPeter Griffin for ut20...


Models Chen Stromstout

Chen Stromstout de Wow mop, el modelo fue extraido del mismo juego y modificado para el ut2004, tambien incluye un pandaren con skin para lo...


No Screenshot
Models Trunks-DBZ

modelo de trunks de dbz para ut2004, lo edite de un modelo que estaba en gta sa hace tiempo, creditos a su autorenglishdbz trunks model for...


Skins Abraham Simpson

Abraham J. Simpson for ut2004Installation folders: UT2004\Animations\*.ukxUT2004\Textures\*.utxUT2004\System\*.upl


Skins Lou (The simpson - UT2004)

Officer Lou from Springfield - The SimpsonsInstallation folders:UT2004\Animations\*.ukxUT2004\Textures\*.utxUT2004\System\*.upl


Skins Johnny Silverhand

The pack contains a low poly Johnny Silverhand skin for Unreal Tournament 2004I do not own the model.All rights belong to CD Project Red.


Skins JefeGorgory (Clancy wiggum)

Jefe Clancy Gorgory de los simpson para ut2004Este personaje lo hice años atras y lo encontre en uno de mis discos duros viejos, en l...


Other Homero Simpson Pack voces LAT

Pack de voces de Homero Simpson en español latino, lo hice hace años y lo encontre en uno de mis discos duros viejos, lo compa...


Skins Homero Simpson UT2004 (Homer Simpson)

Personaje de Homero simpson para ut2004este personaje lo habia creado en 2012, ahora lo encontre en disco duro viejo y lo comparto para los...


Maps CTF-Ascendency

CTF-Ascendency is a capture the flag map for Unreal Tournament 2004. The design goal of CTF-Ascendency was to build a relatively simple, fas...


Skins Battlefield 2 Russian

The pack contains 6 Battlefield 2 themed skins. The russian medic, assault, special force , support, antitank and engineer are included (exc...


Skins Battlefield 2142 Skins

Two Skins from Battlefield 2142. Both come with teamcolor. The models are round about


Skins CSS CounterTerrorists

File Description The pack contain the GIGN, Urban and GSG9 skin. If you want the SAS skin aswell look for ut2k4 SAS by ZeroError2K8. Th...


Skins Steve Beta

The skin comes with teamcolor support.Future Versions will contain a custom species with Minecraft hitsounds and animation improvments.I do...


Capture the Flag CTF-(ASS)-Vinyards-Teh_Princess_2ndHome.zip

A perfect wall dodging map with very high ceilings similar in style to "Thorns" maps. Designed for PIG CTF (Psychogib - Fast firin...


Capture the Flag CTF-(ASS)-Teh_(=AOX=)Princess_Royal_Box

A perfect wall dodging map with very high ceilings similar in style to "Thorns" maps. Designed for PIG CTF (Psychogib - Fast firin...



Similar to the "Burner" Type of Box maps, this was actually created from scratch. What is unique and sets this particular map apar...


Skins CSS Terrorists

The pack contain the Arctic, Pheonix, Leet and Gurillia skin. Since Pheonix and Gurillia used team colours i retexted them for a better team...


Skins DovahkiinB1

Dovahkiin joins your tournement. Well he cant be the real Dovahkiin if you dont play him right? So i added a nord male VP which i didnt made...


Skins Ladybug

Ladybug Skin.I do not own the Model!TO INSTALL (MANUALLY):Place the .utx file in the texture directory the ukx. in the animation directoryan...


Skins Piccolo

Piccolo from Dragonball.  Comes with Teamskins.His shoulder are clipping while jumping , due to his comic look. I do not own the M...


Skins Infantry1960

Some infantry out of Wolfenstein.Comes with a desert version and a black one.  No Teamcolour added yet.I do not own the Model!TO INSTAL...


Skins Lemongrab

Lemongrab from adventure time. Skin comes with team colours.TO INSTALL (MANUALLY):Place the .utx file in the texture directory the ukx. in t...


Skins Skyrim Guard

Stop right there ! You comited crime agains UT and its player. What say you in your defense? He comes in the default colour orange and...


Skins Stalin

In 1953 Stalin officially died to a stroke. Maybe his facial expresions died on that day, but that doesent stop him from sending you to a gu...


Skins Blackguard

Blackguard 1960 joins the tournement!


Skins John Cena V2

Propably the most stealty skin you will find. V2 comes with team colour support.


Skins John Cena

Propably the most steahlty skin you will ever find for Ut2k4.I do not own the Model!TO INSTALL (MANUALLY):Place the .utx file in the texture...


Skins Big Smoke and Sweet

Big Smoke and Sweet skins for UT2k4. They dont come with Teamcolours.I do not own the models. I just ported them.TO INSTALL (MANUALLY):Place...


No Screenshot
Skins DeadpoolB1

Ut2k4 Deadpool ModelDeadpool comes with a Voicepack made by MJpoland.I converted and edited the Model submitted by Ecelon.I do not own the M...


Deathmatch DM-ParticleExamples

Do you know the secret test map ParticleExamples in UT2004? This map now playable in DM in this archive


Maps DM-Sector-17

My map. Used deck 17 as template, 89% textures are changed and 4 vehicles, some static meshes. Note: this map requires the ECE pack to work


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Weapons utkiller Minigun UT2004 Mutator

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Utkiller Minigun Mutator ModThis is UT2004 modified minigun with primary fire intact and alternative fire for explo...


Animals and Monsters Spaceworms

"Spaceworms" was conceived 2 years ago, but there has been no time for completion with all the deathmatch audits . toda...


Mutators Shield_Shard_UT2k4

Shield Shard = a 12 point shield pickup its data-size = 4.61 KB root directory operation = System [...


No Screenshot
Other DM-RF-Dm13-Mazeway

I present you my second multiplayer-oriented map and the fourth remake of a level from Red Faction 2001. Recreated using the Unreal Engine 2...


No Screenshot
Other Dm-RF-Ventilation Shaft

In the year 2075 on Mars, the rebellion of the Red Faction against the tyranny of the Ultor corporation took place. This time you visit the...


No Screenshot
Deathmatch DM-Grey Matter

Description: The great belongings of the Ultor Corporation on Mars are inviting you to the vast indoors of its futuristic complex to partic...


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Add-Ons Halo 3 Pelican for UT2004

This is still in Beta form.


No Screenshot
Modifications Sergeant Kelly's BW Bonus Pack w/ Prototypes

Featuring well over 30 weapons of destruction to play with plus the experimental prototypes, this is a must-have for anyone with the indispe...


No Screenshot
Vehicle CTF VCTF Sangre Valley beta 4

A UT2k4 VCTF map based on the general layout of Blood Gulch from Halo and with a desert southwest theme. Custom textures and static meshes w...


No Screenshot
Other YARM DM ME Style Map Pack

Two maps for UT2k4 that mimic the Mirror's Edge art style. The first is a recreation of the Shard rooftop from ME, the second is a UT2k4 ve...


No Screenshot
Modifications UT2004 Botworld v0.99a

Botworld is a single player mod, that increases the number of bots to 499. You get 2 new ladder modes- 1v1 and FFA, with each having 500 com...


No Screenshot
Modifications UT2004 Botworld Test Version

Botworld - a mod for UT2004 by Ben Greenwood.


No Screenshot
Modifications Annasophia Robb Voice Pack v1.2

Here is a UT2004 voice pack of the talented young American actress Annasophia Robb, one of my favorite and cute actresses Ive never seen. Ve...


No Screenshot
Miscellaneous Tools Parser's UT2k4 Single Player Framework

The file includes source code script files as well as the basic compiler .bat files. Some simple example test maps are also included.


No Screenshot
Modifications Annasophia Robb Voice Pack v1.1

Here is a UT2004 voice pack of the talented young American actress Anna Sophia Robb. Shes one of my prettiest Hollywood teens in history, se...


No Screenshot
Modifications Abigail Breslin Voice Pack v1.0

This is a voice pack of the Oscar-nominated and, in my opinion, delicious teen actress Abigail Breslin. Shes one of my cute and talented act...


No Screenshot
Modifications Madeline Carroll Voice Pack v0.8

This is a voice pack of the desirable teen actress Madeline Carroll. Shes one of my cute and talented actresses that breaks the Hollywood ph...


No Screenshot
Miscellaneous Tools UZTool

Use this to unpack .uz2 files quickly and easily.


No Screenshot
Modifications Rainbow Shock Rifle v3

Make your own Shock Rifle! This mutator will allow you to customize the color (10 different ones plus flashing rainbow and random color) and...


No Screenshot
Deathmatch DM-RF-Barracks

Remake of the level from 2001's Red Faction.


No Screenshot
Models UT2004 - Link from The Legend of Zelda v10.0

Link for UT2004 as a character model. This has been a long long time in the making. Hope you all enjoy it! Link now gibs into pieces when s...


No Screenshot
Modifications Advanced Regeneration v1.2

This mod will allow you to regenerate almost anything you want at any rate. It's a pretty nice tool to have.


No Screenshot
Modifications Bullet Time v1.5

A mod that will allow you to slow down time on the press of a key. Fully configurable.


No Screenshot
Modifications Looney Tunes v2 Voice Pack

This VP has simply been patched to work with UT2004 now.


No Screenshot
Maps KF-Nocturne

has to do to finish the map.


No Screenshot
Modifications DMEverywhere

This one is actually a gametype that will allow you to play DeathMatch on any of the maps that you have. It won't get rid of gametype items...


No Screenshot
Modifications Dual Wielding v2 RC2

This is the whole dual-wielding package complete with a new hud to accompany the main dual-wielding mod if you want it. It works like Halo's...


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