Unreal Tournament 2004

The ultimate sport of kill-or-be-killed is now an explosive new experience, with mind-blowing new ways to move like lightning and annihilate enemies. For the first time, pilot a formidable force of ba...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
DM Pandora's Box Seth Teeter 234KB 104
RUSSFace-FE RUSS 6.95MB 80
ONS-Naturaleza Artificial danielumio 8.39MB 139
DM-S3M-Deep Burn Shadow3 // .:MEDVED:. 4.47MB 153
DM-1on1-Hellsdepths Hox4 15KB 80
DM-S3M Metallica Shadow3 // .:MEDVED:. 27.68MB 239
UCMP-Loading Screens dave40k 20.36MB 71
Stealthy Skins Minimus_Maximus 4.7MB 513
CTF-GeneratorX samk105 6.46MB 64
DM- Deep Burn Shadow3 // .:MEDVED:. 2.83MB 445
ONS-Hyrule Mightylink 12.53MB 1394
DM-Drop In dave40k 5.15MB 127
DM-Silo funniculai 4.27MB 129
DM-WauzKitchen Wauzie 18.21MB 274
RUSS Face RUSS 1.77MB 211
DM-Ancient Hall dave40k 3.26MB 170
DM-Dark Maze dave40k 1009KB 209
DM-DesertWar Willem 9.87MB 354
AS-Warship Xiner (Ixamp) 1.23MB 256
ASnipe's Static Meshes V2 ASnipe34 12.86MB 289
Inventory System Deadrico/Daedriok 1.47MB 625
DM-HellArena Hox4 8.5MB 250
ONS-Rathole Donut 95.84MB 344
DM-Generic-chaotic WubbaArmy 75KB 154
DM-HellArena Hox4 7.82MB 80
Sergeant Kelly's Ballistic Bonus Pack Sergeant_Kelly 12.24MB 839
DM-Space Basement SONY-56K-UK-PRO 18.61MB 323
KF-Infiltrate ASnipe34 7.26MB 151
KF-HappyHour ASnipe34 6.79MB 152
KF-Gothic ASnipe34 11.63MB 134
Dm-DesertWar-2K4.ut2 Willem 8.18MB 246
Dm-DesertWar-2K4.ut2 Willem 8.18MB 92
KF-GothicV4_2-5 ASnipe34 11.61MB 139
DM-1on1-Outpost27 Crusad3r[91] 537KB 105
CTF-Hang_em_High (halo) Anton de Boer 1.27MB 208
Dave Mustaine Ironcore124 2.84MB 97
ONS-MercenaryValley GothmogAngband 13.9MB 237
Memorial Place GothmogAngband 7.73MB 116
VCTF-FacingElements GothmogAngband 14.17MB 188
MutEffects The TRBP Team 1.53MB 241
UT2003StylePlay The TRBP Team 4KB 74
MutStuntRewards The TRBP Team 4KB 104
TRBPWeapons The TRBP Team 2.77MB 297
Dave_Mustaine_Skin Ironcore124 1005KB 158
W40K Spacemarines Voice Pack (manual instal) ptychu8 2.49MB 280
DM-Orbitship Ironcore124 2.87MB 195
W40K Spacemarines Voice Pack ptychu8 2.49MB 263
DM-Evil_Hands Shredprince 4.16MB 223
DM-Castle_Valley.ut2 Willem 12.92MB 476
Sherman Armored Infantry model XenoAisam 15.79MB 418
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The Ball is Rolling... voidy 20th October 2008
File Redirection Issues Guest 24th March 2008
Reliquary to release BR mod for UT3 TR_Relic 23rd November 2007
Troopers Dawns Again TR_Relic 13th November 2007
Poll Results - 16th July, 2007 Guest 16th July 2007
UT3Files is looking for volunteers! Guest 5th July 2007
Poll Results - 2nd July, 2007 Guest 2nd July 2007
Poll Results - June 23rd, 2007 Guest 23rd June 2007
Poll Results - June 12th, 2007 Guest 12th June 2007
Poll Results - May 13th, 2007 Guest 13th May 2007