AirBuccaneer's Update

By Ronnie 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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AirBuccaneer's is celebrating its 3rd birthday. An update followed the birthday news saying that they are once again working on the development of the mod. [quote]The mod I am referring to is Air Buccaneers. Many may remember this game, some may have even played it. For a short period of time, it appeared this mod was dead. Then, like a phoenix, it arose from the ashes. The game is growing again! Not only is the game growing, its developing. While the official server is no longer up, there is a community supported server (Yes, we, the community, support it financially. That's how much we care about this game). The community members have also started independent development on the mod. Besides a few of amazing new maps, new ships and weapons are being developed as we speak. Since a few weeks battles are being organised every weekend.[/quote]

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