Deathball Interview

19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Extreme Players (German) got the chance to talk with the Deathball team. The interview has been translated to English by a fan called Phuzzel so I have a short snippet for you below: [quote]eXp: Many people out there already know you but plz give a short introduction of yourself. (what did you do before you did DB?) DavidM: Hello. In 1998 i started to build maps for ut for fun (they really sucked) but I improved my skills and later the maps I made were quite as good as original maps. For 2.5 years i worked on Operation Na Pali (SP mod for ut) and did some maps for other mods like rocket arena tactical ops and Strike Force(but i regret mapping for the last 2 ones) [/quote] Head here to check out the english translation of this interview.

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