File Submission Policy Changes

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Policies on acceptable file submissions are slowly changing around the network to become more uniform and in line with [url="http://aup.legal.filefront.com/"]FileFront's Acceptable Use Policy[/url]. These changes aren't simply network matters, they're legal matters, and therefore we have no real choice but to implement them. These changes have already been implemented on UT200xFiles, and here's a summary: Porting The first change is in regards to content ported from other games. Despite whatever you may think, this is entirely illegal. Porting is in breach of not only the EULA for the game the content originates from, but is also in breach of copyright laws. Due to this, we are no longer able to distribute ported content unless you can provide evidence of permission from the copyright holders (i.e. to port models from Halo to UT2004, you need permission from Bungie). A lot of ported content has already been removed, and the rest of it will be taken down shortly. If you would like your ported content re-hosted, you must first obtain permission from the original developers and then resubmit the file(s). Plagiarism The second change is in regard to plagiarism. When using content originally created by other modders, you should get their permission to use their work unless they have stated in the file's readme that it may be used. If the content comes from another game, you will need the author's permission regardless of what the readme says, as porting is again very different from merely plagiarising. Again, this is another network-wide policy. In most cases, your content will be hosted even if we suspect plagiarism. We will not take action to remove plagiarised content unless one of the following occurs: 1) We know that the original author forbids it being used without permission, or... 2) The original author of the content sends us an official report or complaint, with a removal request and proof of ownership. Copyright Infringement Copyright infringement matters are something of a grey area. In most cases, this won't affect file submissions. However, in cases where copyright infringement could result in legal actions taken either against the network or against the author, we will be unable to host the file. The Submit Files page has also received an update, and a new Plagiarism Policy document has also been added to explain in-depth what the policy covers. [url="http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/info/SubmitFiles"]Submit Files[/url] [url="http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/info/Plagiarism"]Plagiarism[/url] [url="http://aup.legal.filefront.com/"]FileFront Acceptable Use Policy[/url] If you have any more questions about these policy changes, don't hesitate to contact us.

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