John Gibson Interviewed at Gamecloud

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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John Gibson from Tripwire Interactive has conducted an Interview with Gamecloud, discussing Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. This is a snippted of what John had to say regarding working with UT2004; [quote]Freedom, glorious freedom!!! As far as I am concerned, UT2004 has the best set of mod tools of any game out there. But the problem we had as a mod was that we very quickly hit the boundaries of what was possible with the modding tools. We were very ambitious with the functionality that we wanted to add to Red Orchestra, and that was hampered a bit by not being able to access the game engine. Unlike some of the other games, you have no access to the native game engine with UT2004 as a modder. Epic does this to help prevent cheating and hacking, which I completely understand. However, it was a bit frustrating as a mod developer to be limited in that regard.[/quote] You can check out the whole interview [url=http://www.gamecloud.com/omg.wtf?lolz=2410]right here[/url]

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