Jurassic Rage Interview

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The Jurassic Rage team have completed an interview on Unrealfans.com, here are some tidbits from that interview... [quote]Q. Well I guess the first question really is why switch from the HL2 Source Engine to the Unreal Engine version 3? Evil Smiley: Well, first off I’d like to point out that we will be developing for Unreal Tournament 2004, and THEN porting to Unreal3. We decided to change mostly for workflow reasons, Source was taking us forever to accomplish minute tasks; with unreal, those tasks are instant. No disrespect to Valve or their engine, it’s just Unreal is what works better for us. d0Cd (Rob): Source is a powerful engine, but not the easiest to get content ingame with. [...] Q. What else can we expect from JR apart from Dinos? Will we get a SP and MP experiences from the mod? Towers: For the moment it’s only Multiplayer and we’ll see how well that’s perceived. Although currently I’m writing a Single Player storyline and mission which may or may not be used, I suppose that’ll depend on if there’s a demand for it or not. ... d0Cd (Rob): Multiplayer is our main focus for now. Once we have that down to something highly respectable we will probably end up shifting over to looking at a single player campaign. ... [...] Q. Will you keep working on the UT2004 version of JR until the UT2007 release or will it just be a one off release to keep the fans interested even if there are bugs in it? Towers: I think it depends on how well UT2004 version is perceived. If it’s becomes a mega hit and loads of people are playing it, it would be foolish to simply stop creating updates for it. d0cd (Rob): This all depends on how far along in progress we are. How the fans feel. But with the pace of things at the moment I would definitely say that we may ensure all bugs are removed.[/quote] Go [url="http://www.unrealfans.com/content.php?id=6052"]here[/url] for the complete interview. Definately makes for some great reading!

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