Killing Floor 2.0 Beta

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Here is some great news for all the players who liked the Killing Floor mod for UT2004 [quote] 'm sure you're all be happy to hear that we have hit this significant milestone - our first beta of 2.0 :D It's all ready to go, all that's missing is the beta testers. We hope you folk can help us with that. We want to let anyone who's interested try the beta and help test it. In order to organise the proceedings, we need about three volunteers to join the team as official beta test leaders. These brave souls will be taking charge of the testing. We'd like you to organise games, and be available to listen to peoples comments. You'll be the official people to take bug reports and comments about game balance. It's not the most glamourous role, but it's a vital one. You'll be making sure important feedback reaches me and Alex, without me and Alex being so swamped in feedback that we never have time to do any work ;) In return you'll be officially credited as part of the team in the release notes, and you'll be invited into future dev team chats. If you are willing to give a little time to KF, please send a private message to me via this forum. Please tell me what times you will be typically online for chats or games, whether you are capable of hosting a server yourself. The last item is not essential, however, as long as you are willing to make the effort to seek out other people who can. We're more interested in your dedication to KF, and your willingness to act as the official voice of KF players in future developer chats. If you don't have time, or don't get selected, don't panic. We'll post the names of the brave few when they have been selected, and then you're warmly invited to hook up with them and join in a few games of the KF2.0 beta test [/quote] Check out the post at http://mrkadish.proboards40.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=1142610916

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