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HomeLanFed has posted up an interview with Epic programmer Steve Polge and vice president Mark Rein to get their reactions to the contest and their plans to support mods for their future games. Here's a snippet from this interesting interview: [quote]HomeLAN - What has been the most surprising thing about the contest since Epic first announced it? Mark Rein - There have been a bunch of surprises. The quality of the mods continue to blow me away. There are some real professional-strength efforts here. Two other things that surprised me were (a) improvements that the teams made from one phase to another and (b) the breadth of variety of the entries in the contest. Not just in the big categories but also some truly ingenious entries in all the smaller categories including character models and levels. Even though we had intended for it to work out that way people went way above and beyond what we had expected. If you one UT2004 you really need to download the latest versions of these mods and check them out. If you don't own UT2004 you should go out and get it because, with all the content we put into the game and with these FREE mods available, it is by far the best value in computer gaming that I'm aware of. [/quote] Head to HomeLanFed to check out the rest of the details.

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