Old Tricks for a New Game, Plus Some More UT2007 Details.

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In a recent Gamespy interview on UT2007, it was revealeed that some things from the original UT that did not make it into UT2003 and UT2004 will be in UT2007, such as Jump Boots and Feigning Death. The article also describes the playtest of the UT2007 level DM-Carbonfire, and so far it sounds sweet. Here is an excerpt: [quote]To that end, Carbonfire is a functioning robot production facility. Conveyor belts move from one area to the next, and tracks on the ceiling carry droids throughout different stages in their construction. In one area you can see them being welded together, in another area an automated device electroplates and paints them, right on down the line to where they're placed in containers and move toward the loading dock. You can interact with the robots hanging from the tracks overhead, knocking them around like puppets as you fling rockets all over the factory. Despite the backstory of the level, it's still a functional, fast-moving deathmatch map with multiple floors, chokepoints, and common areas. Adding to the feel is a semicircular bank of plate windows overlooking the loading docks. You can shatter the glass in furious fighting, then jump out onto moving platforms to other parts of the facility. After a few seconds, an electric force field appears and regenerates the glass.[/quote] The full story can be found at this webpage [url="http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/unreal-tournament-2007/643707p1.html"]http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/unreal-tournament-2007/643707p1.html[/url]. Note: Screenshot Courtesy of Gamespy.
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