Red Orchestra Beta 2 Released

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Red Orchestra has been released in the open beta 2 phase. Head over to http://redorchestramod.gameservers.net/ to download it. I have yet to try it out, but it sounds good. It is extremely realistic, it has no cross hairs. And you actually need to raise the gun to your shoulder. Here is an exerpt on what it is: [quote] o life was untouched by the Great War of the 20th century. Young men from lands across the globe were thrust into deadly battle against one another. For some, it was a mission of global domination. For others, it was in defense of their homeland. For all, it was a struggle that would define the course of modern civilization. Choose your allegiance and prepare for the most intense PC multiplayer combat experience. Red Orchestra puts you on the front lines of the Eastern conflict of World War II. Take up arms with your Soviet comrades, or fall in line with the German army and battle over the precious lands of the European theatre. Fight your way through crumbling cities, resonating with the deafening sounds of battle. Immerse yourself in breathtaking recreations of real-world inspired locales. Communicate strategies with your team members. Game Features as of version 2.0: * Realistically recreated World War II European environments * Historically-inspired battle scenes and conditions * Huge arsenal of weapons including rifles, sub-machine guns, MGs, and explosives * Multiple weapon features including iron sights, bayonet attaching, bashing, stabbing or deploying an MG * 3D locational sound * Voice bindings in English, German, and Russian * Rag doll physics for chillingly realistic death animations * Unique multiplayer game types * Ambient war effects, rain, and fog * All new Unit and Character types * High-detail player models with authentic uniforms * All new player animations with facial animation, secondary animation, and 3rd person weapon animation Coming Soon: * Vehicle support * Improved AI for bot support As Red Orchestra continues to evolve, expect new features to be added. Got an idea? Share it in our forums. Thanks for stopping by. [/quote]

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