TO: Crossfire Update

By Ronnie 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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This year's April 1st revelation is the releasedate for Public Beta 1: They will release TO: Crossfire on April 28th 2006. [quote]In order to allow a proper distribution and make sure you instantly have servers to play on, we have decided to spread the initial release over a period of one week. On April 21st we will offer the download of the server version, so providers have time to set up their networks. At the same time we will also release an encrypted client version via BitTorrent. The password for this version, as well as http/ftp download links for an unencrypted client version, will be made available during our IRC release party on April 28th, to which we happily invite you.[/quote] Along with this announcement they have also upgraded the website. You can now check out brand new renders of our arsenal and they also added some brand new screenshots to the gallery. [url="http://www.to-crossfire.net/"]Check it out[/url]

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