Unreal Engine 3

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[b]Computer Games Magazine[/b] sat down with Epic vice-president [b]Mark Rein[/b] to discuss their next-gen technology. The interview is quite informative and notably reveals that the first UE3-based game will be released next year and that [i]Epic Games[/i] itself is creating two of them at the moment. Otherwise, as you may know, the [url="http://www.gdconf.com"]Game Developers Conference[/url] is currently taking place at San Francisco (until March 11th). Apparently, Epic plans to reveal even more about UE3. In particular, they will be demoing support for seamless worlds using their new UnrealKismet visual scripting system. Other tech demos will demonstrate improved support physics, lighting, and particle systems. [quote]Computer Games - Even though console games are now moving towards the next-generation console technology, does Epic still consider the PC game platform to be an important one? Mark Rein - Absolutely. We love PC games and we love the PC platform. We intend to continue to be a leader in PC games and PC game technology. In fact our strength on the PC is now helping us make awesome engine technology for next-generation consoles. What is great about the next-gen console platforms is that they're starting to incoporate the kind of high-end graphics parts you normally would expect on very expensive PCs. The major next-gen consoles will be using ultra high-end graphics chips that based on the technologies we were already aiming our engine at. Unreal Engine 3 is extremely well positioned to capitalize on this trend.[/quote] ---- Link: [url="http://www.cgonline.com/content/view/429/2"]Unreal Engine 3 Interview[/url]

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