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16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hi folks, UT200xFiles is somewhat understaffed, and is currently looking for new staff to help revive the site and get it going in the right direction again. The following vacancies are open: ------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 File Posters Requirements: -Must be able to playtest and review files, giving a summary of the file's contents, pointing out any errors, and giving a little criticism (it's not as hard as it sounds). - Must be able to type in readable English. - Must be able to conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner around the site and forums, as well as following site and forum rules. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 News Poster Requirements: - Must possess good communication skills. - Must be able to write in fluent English. - Should hold a decent knowledge of the games and community. - Should also possess good research capabilities, to assist in obtaining info. - Some basic HTML knowledge is also very useful, although this certainly isn't necessary. ------------------------------------------------------------------ It's preferable that you provide some instant messenger details, for the sake of contact. ICQ, AIM, MSN and Xfire are all perfectly acceptable mediums. You may apply for more than one position, however bear in mind that the more responsibilities you opt for, the higher your workload becomes. I look forward to hearing from all applicants!
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