Unreal Tournament 2004

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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Add-Ons
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Add-Ons UT2004-NoSelfDamage

Remove player self damage, any team related damage and owned vehicle damage.


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Add-Ons Compamut_v0.4

Compamut, the demo-watching mutator, brings a minimap to the game on which you can seeall the player-positions, their view directions & item...


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Add-Ons C&C and soul temple maps revised for ut2004

Just a small update for these 2 maps.


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Add-Ons NoSpeedCombo

This is mutator for disabling ingame speed-combo, so we can use adrenalin in CTF matches.


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Add-Ons Unreal 1 and Two Custom Maps

These are ALL the Unreal 1 files needed to make your own Unreal 1 maps. I also included 2 bonus maps made by me.


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Add-Ons UT2004 RPG Pro

I have put together several files: MonsterPacks,InvasionPro


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Add-Ons FreezeGUTS_v063b

Beta-Notes FreezeGUTS is still in beta. There are several known issues which will be removed with a later release (hopefully). But there ar...


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Add-Ons Slow Time Kill Mutator (from UT3) for UT2k4

Whenever a bot is fragged by the player, time slows down for a very short while.


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Add-Ons FunWeapon



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Add-Ons Halo 3 Pelican for UT2004

This is still in Beta form.


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