Unreal Tournament 2004
Animals and Monsters

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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Animals and Monsters
Animals and Monsters Fluid

The first Skaarj skin put on this site OMFG!!!! I feel so special :) Readme file in zip. Enjoy PS: Again my lazyness has forced me to go to...


Animals and Monsters Futuria

A crazy reskin of dominator. By some guyEnjoyI guess


Animals and Monsters Evolved

Requires the Raptor Model from http://home.comcast.net/~gregfisk/ut2004.htm A resonable reskin of the Raptor model, adds some more colors...


Animals and Monsters KouRyuuB

I thought that this original model was nice, but this skin looks sexier than ever! It does require this model to be installed, http://unreal...


Animals and Monsters KouRyuuC

Another great skin of this model, http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/file/;30219 done by Hide. The whole model with all it's skins m...


Animals and Monsters Tenebre

Pain has blown in, taking with it the lives of those who oppose him.


Animals and Monsters Cyborg

See screenshots of this scary skin.


Animals and Monsters Sweden

Here is a skin especially for Swedish UT2004 fans.


Animals and Monsters Elkdog

A frankenstein-like skin. Pretty good face work, but there are noticeable errors as well. Some good body work as well. On average, no...


Animals and Monsters Tyrant

Hide´s newest creation is in town.Welcome Tyrant.It´s an hightech-dino. This beauty comes in 3 variations (full shields , half shields , no...


Animals and Monsters Popo

Another great addition for your favorite game is in town. It´s Popo, by Hide. It comes with three different versions (no shield, half shield...


Animals and Monsters Kretch

A Gen Mo Kai skin with a very nicely skinned breast plate.


Animals and Monsters Barag

A new skin for the Damarus model. The player has custom bot skills and supports teamcolor.


Animals and Monsters Grond

A new skin for the Kraagesh model. The player has high bot skills and supports teamcolor.


Animals and Monsters Gesnor

Gesnor is the only albino Gen Mo Kai who fights in the tournament. He wishes to revenge the death of his friend and master J.C.L. His mask a...


Animals and Monsters Atreon

Atreon Skin for Unreal Tournament 2004. Check out the screenshots below.


Animals and Monsters Angrist

This is a new skin for the Skrilax model which uses the Alien Male 2 voicepack.


Animals and Monsters Tarek

Well... What can you really say? A good, classy, authentic and nicely done and looking skaarj skin with full team support. Not that we ge...


Animals and Monsters Spaceworms

"Spaceworms" was conceived 2 years ago, but there has been no time for completion with all the deathmatch audits . toda...


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