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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Assault
Assault AS Nature Trials

Description: Can You Solve The Five Rooms Of Nature, And Become GodLike? Comments: Exactly What You Should Do


Assault Protocore

The United Shipping Corporation is a valuable goods transport and transfers company that was reputed to have had one hundred percent succe...


Assault AS-Castle

You have to stop a terrorists transmission (I know, stupid mission :-) ) First you must pass the water to get in the castles underground. Th...


Assault AS-Yro

This is a pure fun map. Just play it.


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Assault AS-Faster-than-Death

Assault map for Unreal Tournament 2004


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Assault AS-Darkside

This is an Assault map for UT2004.


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Assault AS-Fortress

This is an Assault map for UT2004.


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Assault AS-Project

Another Assault map for UT2004, by the creator of AS-Fortress.


Assault WarMachines(Racing)-Final

This is an Assault map for UT2004. Author states this version is an improvement over previous versions in part because it reduces camping.


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Assault Da Dr AcHe Trials

This map has really a weird name but then again, the map is weird. I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out where to go but I could not...


Assault As-Ascension

The Attackers start in a mined out area below the tomb of Ra (Sun God) and must fight their way through objectives to the surface and the li...


Assault The Guardia

This is my particular remake of the AS-Guardia map that came with the first UnrealTournament, originally created by Cliff Bleszinsky. Thi...


Assault AS-TheCube

this is a beta version The map base on the original movie "The Cube" but it exists only from a quadrant of the entire cube building. It c...


Assault AS-The Egyptian Pyramid

This is a trial map. You must climb an old Egyptian pyramid to the peak.


Assault AS-DaDrAcHe_5-trialsv2_15

Author's description: There are 5 trial rooms with increasing difficulty. Every room is solveable. If you have a problem to solve a roo...


Assault AS PharaoRaceway

Final Version of my race map. Has some Traps and funny Triggers on it. Its held in egyptian style and has various objectives to comlete. Hop...


Assault AS RSC The Tomb

Time has come to destroy the evil undead anubis pharao Toetanfragon, the one that has invaded our planet, thousands of years ago and brought...


Assault AS Mythology

This is no follow on to AS-Project, it just has similar principles. I mainly tried to lose the features which ruined Project and added the o...


Assault AS-Hellbender Race [Nightmare]

A race-style map. Several insteresting twists and turns, like mines and the OMFG Gun. Hellbender Race PreFinal by Evil...


Assault AS Outpost

The basic idea of the map based on the "Wreck" map of the Lost Species Mod (I was member of this team). But this Mod was cancelled and I r...


Assault AS-PRC-Trials

this is a trial map :) put the as-prc-trials.ut2 in your maps folder put the tfamap.u in your system folder have fun ---Map made b...


Assault AS-HellbenderRaceNightmare

The final version of AS-HellbenderRaceNightmare, a pretty interesting race style assault map.


Assault AS Trials

This is an updated version to his previous map. There was a mildly large bug which has now been fixed. It looks like an Egyptian themed map...


Assault AS Trials of Movement

Small map with about 12 rooms where you need to solve puzzles. A fun map worthy of being played for a couple of hours.


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