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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Audio
Audio Ice Blue

Music addon for Unreal Tournament 2004: The song is called Ice Blue and its from a really old Playstation Game called Overboard. All cred...


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Audio SoulRage

SoulRage is an audio mod that: Replaces all the weapon sounds ingame Does some neat tricks with the audio Footstep sounds are based on...


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Audio Cartman voicepack

can you say KICKASS!!! I've been wanting this for so long I'm gonna go try it out :P


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Audio UT99 Male Voice Pack 2(UMOD, ZIP)

All the team-oderin and trash-talkin sounds are back from the original UT. Once installed, go to the PLAYER tab from settings and change the...


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Audio MOHAA VoicePacks

This is all my MOHAA vocepacks put into 1. I was able to make them sound like theyre using communicators now, i edited the wave files to do...


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Audio Badger Voice Pack

i have mixed badgers footy and lord of the badgers together! :D creator: DJ Kevin I think this is the voice pack for...


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Audio Random Voice Pack

LOL. That is all you get. You have to download it and see for yourself what it is like, lol.


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Audio Ultimate Duke Nukem Voice Pack

Its a mixture of sound files from Duke Nukem3d and Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Brings back the good old days of Duke...


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Audio MOHAA_VoicePacks

This is all my MOHAA voicepacks in one. There is 5, 4 guys and 1 girl. This version fixes the volume, the pervious version's was too low. I...


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Audio Family Guy Taunts

It seems today, that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV. . . Nothing can beat up hearing Family Guy characters insulting you...


Audio UT Classic Voicepack

Boss, Female1, Female2, Male1, and Male2 voicepacks converted from UT for use in UT2004.


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Audio TeddyBear VoicePack

Have Fun! this was sent into our email and this was the description I will update later when I have time to test the voicepack out OLIAX


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Audio Homer Simpson Vioce Pack

A voice pack for Homer Simpson from the awesome show, "The SImpsons"


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Audio Homer Simpson Vioce Pack

The author added more voice thingys, maybe did other things, I dunno.


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Audio Star Wars Sounds

Here is my sound set, mostly has darth vader quotes but there are some other random star wars stuff in there. I love S...


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Audio Office Space Voice Pack

Cool office space voice pack that includes taunts and other random movie lines.


Audio Futurama voice pack

Voice pack from the show futurama.


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Audio Hudson Voice Pack

Based off of Private 1st Class Hudson from ALIENS. Not only is this an updated version of the voice pack I did for UT, but it also...


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Audio Family Guy season 1 voice pack

Voice pack made from the season 1 dvds of Family Guy. Contains 34 different voice clips from various characters.


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Audio Grandpa Simpson voice pak

Voice pak from the first 5 seasons of the simpsons featuring the voice of grandpa Simpson.


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Audio RedvsBlue voice pack

FROM THE AUTHOR: its my voice pack from RedvsBlue 36 voices more too come in V 2.0


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Audio Kain Voice Pack

This is a voice package from the legacy of kain series. The voice is Kain himself. Since nobody has made a voice package like this before,...


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Audio Anchorman

Anchorman Voice Package SOUNDS: ACKS: 12 FFIRES: 3 ORDERS: 10 OTHERS: 19 TAUNTS: 29 TOTAL UNIQUE: 66


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Audio UT99 Enhanced Soundtrack

This zip file contains almost every UT99 music tracks. Also there are many custom tracks which are taken from custom maps. There is not much...


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