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Capture the Flag

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Capture the Flag CTF-phxBeQuick-v4-Final

Originally as vctf, it's small and also suitable for CTF and InstagibCTF. Small and quick, enjoy.


Capture the Flag CTF-Coldfront SE

My previous review of the CTF-Coldfront Beta for UT2003: Ok, I love this map because i really like snowy levels, ice and stuff like...


Capture the Flag VCTF-StripMine

This abandoned strip mine is one of Liandri's newest arenas for the Tournament. The high temperatures, toxic fumes, and carcinogenic dust a...


Capture the Flag CTF-AMOUDE-2004

Absolutely fantastic CTF map, the attention to detail is awesome! It’s set in an Egyptian time, which gives it a great affect. When carrying...


Capture the Flag CTF Philae nightfall

This is an alteration and conversion of the UT2003 Map "Temple-of-Philae" by Will.K. I loved this map and it was played ALOT on my 2003 serv...


Capture the Flag CTF- Odium Castle

A very nice map, but my graphics card couldn't really handle it. (>^_^)> This is a brilliant Level. As soon as it had loaded I could tell...


Capture the Flag CTF-FrozenAdamantine

Welcome to the Frozen Adamantine Mining Complex: About 10 years ago, in the obscure mountains of the Antarctic, a new mineral known as Adama...


Capture the Flag CTF-Crossfire

Heres a nice dark but small map (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTF-BadNeighors

If your a religious person, then the red base may offend you, :) (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTF-Naelir

Naelir... a rather peculiar name for this map, maybe thats because I have no idea what it means or is. I spawned into the map at the red bas...


Capture the Flag CTF-Eye of Ra

An egyptian style map thats wide open. Look at the screenie: Bot have trouble geting up that bridge. hoo-rah for retarded bots! (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTf-MedievalWarfare2

Two castles in a dark forest. yay. (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTf-EternalCaves-Classic

A nice CTF closed quaters map. Its good and all but heres a big prob: Blue has an advantage, as you can see from the screenies, each team ha...


Capture the Flag CTF-PhaseShift

"This map features "Ghosts", a custom script that, wherever a player is in one base, a ghostly team-colored figure of them will appear i...


Capture the Flag CTF-Roman Arena

A Roman type arena indeed. (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTF-1on1 Convoy

An altered version of the level Convoy but now CTF. (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTF-ColaWars 2k4

A map with some funny pics. Its war between Pepsi and Coke!! (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTF-FFH Industrial

A small map but runs really good. (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTF-Aedes

A very nice lookin map. (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTF-Red Wood Forest

Heres a nicely detailed map set in a drak forest. (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTF-Romra MoonStation

A very small CTF map. The thing i liked most is that its skybox includes the planet seen on the map FaceClassic and it looks very nice! (>^_...


Capture the Flag CTF-Antamarus 2k4

This map is just great. It looks very good and its pretty nice for a CTF map. The thing i hate is that the water has a strong current and be...


Capture the Flag CTF-Thorns2k4

i didnt like this map mainly because its too plain, not too much place to take cover when you have the flag. (>^_^)>


Capture the Flag CTF-Pilfilage

A pretty good map. Theres a bridge that connects to each base. (>^_^)>


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