Unreal Tournament 2004
Capture the Flag

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
CTF-phxBeQuick-v4-Final Phoenix_ 1.39MB 79
CTF-Coldfront SE Qbic 3.66MB 485
VCTF-StripMine Toonces 1.48MB 2587
CTF-AMOUDE-2004 Michael Roberston 18.83MB 4057
CTF Philae nightfall UTGhost 10.22MB 5468
CTF- Odium Castle Green Loves 11.44MB 1591
CTF-FrozenAdamantine Syphir 2.39MB 409
CTF-Crossfire Guest 1.12MB 291
CTF-BadNeighors Guest 1.13MB 512
CTF-Naelir NozzeM 15.04MB 617
CTF-Eye of Ra Guest 2.39MB 430
CTf-MedievalWarfare2 Guest 2.71MB 459
CTf-EternalCaves-Classic Andy Ford 9.76MB 691
CTF-PhaseShift Angel Mapper 9.99MB 993
CTF-Roman Arena Rick 'Wolv34ine' Walker 8.54MB 696
CTF-1on1 Convoy AncientMapper 818KB 362
CTF-ColaWars 2k4 Guest 2.22MB 579
CTF-FFH Industrial Guest 1.81MB 605
CTF-Aedes Michael 'Bot_40' Rippon 10.05MB 439
CTF-Red Wood Forest StealthShadow69 420KB 380
CTF-Romra MoonStation Guest 1.46MB 414
CTF-Antamarus 2k4 alaney1 1.36MB 333
CTF-Thorns2k4 Guest 1.79MB 330
CTF-Pilfilage BeastBoy 1.14MB 245
CTF-DC Speed Darkone 700KB 556
Vertigo 2k4 Guest 2.7MB 360
CTF-Scrapland Slipknotic 295KB 219
CTF-Abandoned Warehouse Tidu 565KB 379
CTF-420LavaGiant2 Agent_Skully 2.79MB 1002
CTF-Snowed Under Chris 'Winston' Banks 5.3MB 630
CTF-Haste Theo 2.53MB 193
CTF-Apartment1337 Syphir 14.96MB 939
CTF-Football Axeman 2.27MB 999
CTF-AP-Desert Combat Shawn **Monarch** Yarbrough 4.34MB 804
CTF-Gang-Kaya Guest 279KB 195
CTF- Cola Wars Guest 3.67MB 689
CTF - Vector Kantham 9.47MB 994
CTF-Anthem2004 Jonathan 'Knives' Dantzler 1.26MB 205
CTF-Hot & Cold Glarth 4.27MB 386
CTF-Ganimade3 Guest 14.58MB 297
CTF-Face2 Guest 736KB 1452
Wagner CTF Map pack Guest 1.09MB 110
Team Wanger CTF Map Pack Matt Becker 1.11MB 184
CTF-1on1 Collector Guest 703KB 175
CTF Hidden Valley Eric Rammage Brummel 3.77MB 506
CTF-Addien-Dwy2 Sjoerd Hourences De Jong 10.51MB 347
CTF Cathedral Tidu 1.67MB 892
CTF-Bridge-of-fake Steven Depue 'Lord Vy' 488KB 237
DiamondSword2k4 Love-Fest 2.25MB 425
CTF- AFOVoy [AFO]Nate the Bad Ass 1.42MB 254