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Editing Tools UT2K4 VoicePack Packager Setup10.exe

AWESOME!!! This lets NOOBS like me make theyre own voice pack! This is what i used to make mine. A must get more anyone trying to make a voi...


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Editing Tools UDE 3005 (UMOD)

I asked DoomStalker something about editing UT04 and he gave me this thingy thats been pretty helpful editing UT ini files so far. Of course...


Editing Tools masctorx

MasctorX's sole function is to make the task of exporting animation & meshes from Maya to Unreal effecient and straight forward. The job of...


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Editing Tools MapMixer

MapMixer is a game administration Mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004. Working in both single and multiplayer modes, it gives you extended co...


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