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Females Bladea - The Vampire Huntress

Bladea is also a current day vampire who is only half human. After she lost her whole family due to a vampire masacre she asked Blade the fi...


Females Legendary1

"this will be the first of many skins", "named after the "Legendary" boots from wonderboy in monsterland" Legendary will conquer a...


Females Legendary2

"This is the team-mate of "Legendary1", with alien-forged boots and armour she is the wildcard in the team." Legendary will conquer a...


Females Venus

not an ownage skin but definately a keeper for the hard drive this skin may not be very smooth but it certainly rocks for layout simple i...


Females OPHELIA camouflage

this skin is very well done except one thing i dont like about it SHE HAS NO EYES! love the camouflage though


Females Sasori (Scorpion)

Sasori - UT2004 skin Female merc skin for UT2004 using the Satin Mesh. Team colours included (Red Team same as Default Skin colour)....


Females Legendary3

WH this is the best skin i've ever seen for ophelia "this skin was made by" *(((»GrimZon3«)))* ...


Females Invictra

(user did not submit any description and i have not tested this file yet ) Rad2k


Females Frozen Solid

Authors Comments: FrozenSolid My second skin that I have ever really focused on longer than an hour. Took me all of 12 hours since I was...


Females China Girls

Two chinese girls that are sisters - one a deadly assasin in a blue (or red) traditional chinese style dress and armed with a glowi...


Females Bitch

Yes, that is in fact the name of the skin. It is a fairly high quality skin that comes with, I think, 20 taunts. The taunts aren't all fema...


Females Ophelia-BTH Local

¦¦ ¦ This is my cheeky twist on the original Ophelia skin for...


Females Ophelia-BTH Server

¦¦ ¦ This is my cheeky twist on the original Ophelia skin for...


Females Nanode

I couldn't decide whether to put this in female or robots. But no matter where it is, I like it.


Females Electrode

Looks like an orange version of Nanode.


Females Tronette

Another tronette skin. This one is nicer looking than the other one (in my mind.)


Females Invictra

I don't know if it is supposed to look like what I saw, and what the screens will show you, my UT2004 could be messed. I dunno. If it is su...


Females Jade

Female skin with silver armour and green glowy bits. Nicely done if you ask me!


Females DD Sunkiss

A new skin for the female!


Females Shira skin

A skin of Dua1ity's girlfriend. Lucky guy...


Females Vicerien Skin

A goth looking skin for the Ophelia model. This contains another UPL that allows it to work on the Ophelia Enhanced model (for extra bouncin...


No Screenshot
Females Othella

This skin actually reminds me very much of those little action man toys people used to have as kids. I think the creator probably meant 's...


Females Rabid

Hope you guys enjoy this skin by Dirty Ape. Rabid skin to be used for the Thundercrash female, for Unreal Tournament 2004. This skin...


Females DD's Sunkiss

Cool female skin from DD.


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