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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Females
Females The Sinstriss Sisters

In a few short years, she proved herself to be the most effective demolitions expert and sniper in the Galactic Specialists Combat Unit. But...


Females Klasnic Nikita ut2k4

A Hellions female character to go with Vrykolakas2k5, given full CTF4/TDM4 support with similar detail, default and team colours. A real be...


Females Sophie

This is a military/mercenary themed female skin based on the ophelia model. Team colors are included and a nice wallpaper.


Females Mechanatrix Skin

Mechanatrix2.0 has been an on and off WIP for the past year and a half. I always wanted to remake the model, since I wasn't really satisfie...


Females Klasnic Svetlana

Modified version of my Yelena skin to fit EvilEngine's Ophelia Enhanced model. This character has full 4 team gametype support.


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Females Glass Model

Glass is a woman with transparent skin. It is visible the interior, the skeleton and a pair of blue eyes...


Females Klasnic Kamala

Mercenary Female for UT2004. Full 4 team gametype support with particular emphasis on 'beautiful' team colours.


Females Klasnic Yelena

Two versions of a Hellions female character. One is unmasked and wearing leather, the second masked and wearing latex. Both have full CTF4...


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Females Angelita Skin

A skin by Killer. It´s Angelita for the Cybernetic Female.


Females SM Ruby Skin

This skin is supposed to be sort of an evil version of Sapphire, but she has her own identity. She's mainly a recolor, but I did cut and pa...


Females Coyopas

This skin is for the MercFemA model (Blackjack/Prism). Most of the skin is completly new and Ive added effects as well.


Females SM Calysta

Calysta is a hoverbiker who has begun moonlighting as a Tournament contestant. She's also an albino, which is definitely something you don\...


Females SM Calysta 2.0

This skin is Calysta wearing black clothes. "Calysta_Black" isn't merely just an extra skin that's suitable only for Deathmatch, Invasi...


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