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Funtators Gibalicious

A UT2004 mutator to increase gore. And really, this is a LOT of blood we're talking about :) ~Szico VII~ FF|Review: A mess...


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Funtators Medusa Combo

for those who have UT2004 SE on the tutorials it shows you how to make this when you activate this combo it freezes whoever you look at


Funtators PermaSpeed

It allows for infinite use of adrenal-type speed given you have at least 1 adrenaline.


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Funtators Monkey Matrix

What is the Matrix? The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your windo...


Funtators dark3Dmod

Awsome looking custom car looks like a lamborghini murcielago


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Funtators Vehicle Detonators Umod

The Vehicle Detonators mutator adds a detonator to all vehicles. This adds a whole other level of fun to Onslaught games (or any o...


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Funtators Vehicle Detonators Zip

The Vehicle Detonators mutator adds a detonator to all vehicles. This adds a whole other level of fun to Onslaught games (or a...


Funtators 2k4 Meat Hunk

"Meat Hunk lets you configure how many different gibbed body parts fly around when you gib an enemy. For example, you could have 4 heads, 20...


Funtators Strange Love 2k4

This is a great mutator that starts you off with 3 regular redeemers, except when you use secondary YOU fly around on it :D The only tiff is...


Funtators Sticky Translocator

This mut replaces all translocators with the StickyTranslocator which sticks to all players, vehicles, walls, and cielings, you can...


Funtators Capture The Tree 2K4

Exactly what it says:) replace the flags with a nice Xmas tree!


Funtators Presents 2K4

Santa leaves presents around your map and each one contains a surprise you will love! No returns this year in UT 2004 land:)


Funtators The Catcher's Xmas Pack

ONS Christmas V2.1 In ONS games, this mutator changes the Power Nodes and Cores to Christmas Wreaths and Trees. And in all game ty...


Funtators Crotch Shot Pro

Warning: This mutator contains mild sexual language. This mutator is not recommeded for those under the age of 15. This freaky little m...


Funtators ROOtator

This is a Mutator meant to populate any map with Kangaroo Non-Player Characters (ROO NPCs). Options for this mutator include the Australian...


Funtators Bones

This Mutator shows all players as their skeletons. Robots can be forced to have bones too. Brighter skins available as an option.


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Funtators Super Adrenaline

This is a Super Adrenaline Pickup. It gives you full adrenaline. It is purple and fun


Funtators Bones (CTF4 Compatible)

SuperApe came back to do a CTF4 version of his Bones mutator. This supports all four team colors as well as the normal and white skeletons.


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Funtators MutStuntRewards

This mutator was originally part of The Reliquary's big UT2004 bonus pack, dubbed the TRBP. Now the coder of the project has released his ki...


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