Unreal Tournament 2004

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Male Copper Head

Stealthy Killer for your fraggin pleasure!


Male Panzer Cop

This new model is very reminiscent of MGS2/Splinter Cell and other army game models, as it looks like one of those stealth troops. The skin...


Male AngryMan

Angry Man skin for Unreal Tournament 2004. "Don't make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry." It appears this man is in a roid rage...


Male Paroxysm

A very nice model based on "Frostbite". I loaded it right up in game, and I personally like it better than the Frostbite model itself. Nic...


Male UniPsychos V2

An updated version by the author that fixes gibbing:) ...and you all know we want the gibs!!!


Male Agent Smith

Agent Smith from the matrix movies


Male Mudrock 2K4

Gundam style player model .


Male Dman

An OK model, but the sound pack that comes with it is funny. Has some "adult language" for those of you that can't have that sort of stuf...


Male Drizau

Another SuperHigh Quality model for your hard drive! Robotic Cybernetic mayhem dispenser!


Male LOZ Ganondorf Dragmire

that's right kiddies the big mean man from the legend of zelda has guns now so run run run as fast as you can at this moment in time saiyam...


Male Jin-Roh PanzerCop

New version of this model and much better than the one released prior... nice and evil too:)


Male Johnny Magnum 2K4 V3

Sweet model with a western theme... kinda reminds me of something you would see in a Serious Sam title:)


Male Johnny The Homocidal Maniac

Johnny The Homocidal Maniac Model for Unreal Tournament 2004 Author: Pestilence Ported to UT2004: Dekrayzis Animations:...


Male UT2k4 Trooper

Nice army looking models... with or without the face paint... and with or without the bush..LOL :) Team colors included.


Male TAG 2K4

This guy will paint your walls with your blood :)


Male German Soldier

This directory contains a unreal tournament 2004 mod file (executable) for a male model character. The german_soldier mesh and skins are...


Male Soliders

This is a small skin pack containing Black Opps the commando and Desert Opps the soilder. This is his first atempt at making skins.


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