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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Males
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Males Darth Vader

Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader is what remains of a Jedi Knight once called Anakin Skywalker, who had the higest Midichlorian count ever...


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Males Captain Brock

It was truly a spectacular dispute. The much publicized breakup with Malcolm really got to Brock. so they had the greatest grudge match of t...


Males Malcolm II

After his humiliating defeat to Brock, Malcolm felt down and out. He began binge drinking and nearly killed himself in a car accident. When...


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Males Sniper

Nice army style skin detail was excellent! :) One thing though is in the player select screen when the sniper skin isn’t selected it’s a bit...


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Males Wehtron

This is an amazing skin by Wehtam. Personally one of my favorites. Skin is in various colors. I recommend you to download!


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Males Shocker (v2)

This is a skin for the 'Kane' model, it has been made to look like the Shocker from Spiderman. The skin features a shiny metal effect on a...


Males Vrykolakas

This is a very nice re skin of the Baird skin by Klasnic.


Males Bladel

A nicely done skin that reminds me of punisher when I see his front clothing.


Males Bladex

Another great model by Alpha. This one reminds me of that movie XXX, cause on his belt it has that.


Males CNHalk

More skinning sexyness by Alpha.


Males Cybernetic Male : SAxon Skin

A silver shiney version of Xan crossed with Axon. It has bits from both skins (mostly axon) and a shiney texture with pulsing animations.


Males Cybernetic Male : XZEON

A Cybernetic XZEON skin for the male character in UT2004.


Males Dua1ity

Dua1ity is the product of an experiment. DNA from many Tournament warriors was combined to create the perfect fighter. After serving as spec...


Males Bladeus

Bladeus is a current day vampire who is only half human. His mother was bitten by a vampire before giving birth. He has all the characteris...


Males Blader

Blader is a current day vampire who is only half human. His mother was bitten by a vampire before giving birth. He has all the characterist...


Males Bush

You left-wing people out there should enjoy this skin a whole lot. Maybe even some of the right-wing people will. If only it had a custom so...


Males Dmitri Hellion Skin

Dark hellion skin. Has a sort of 'matrix' feel to it. insides look like circuitry. Pics will explain all.


Males Jax

a blue/silve armour colour scheme with a hockey mask. Quite frighteneing if you're weak-hearted.


Males Oblivion Skin

This is a horrific nightmare figure with a taste for PAIN.


Males Deejay

Xan skin with TECHNICS type logo.


Males Coke Addiction

This gives you a Coke skin!


Males Hitler

UT model of Adolf Hitler.


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Males Termination

This is a skin i made whit upaint, paint, paint shop pro. It is a combination of axon and xan and some filters.


Males X90

X90 the return of kriegor.


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