Unreal Tournament 2004

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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Mercenaries
Mercenaries Klasnic Ashur

This time I've given him more of a Necris look. I'm not really into Necris stuff so this is more a community thing than a personal one....


Mercenaries Rikki

A pretty sweet looking skin, based on the Sapphire model.


Mercenaries Omega Unit

Two military-like skins for the Wraith model. Each model has a different face.


Mercenaries Jan

A new skin for the Brock model with my author's own face attached, included is the Crazy Soldier voicepack for the default voice. The playe...


Mercenaries RNDM Skins

For first skins, these are actually pretty impressive. At first glance, they look like the Mercenaries, recolored white. I then took a cl...


Mercenaries ALBAMercs

A nicely re-textured skin, giving the default mercanary light body armor Relic


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