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Model Packs UA_2003

Each team starts with one unit, the Commander. This unit is quite possibly the most useful unit in the game. It can build faster than any ot...


Model Packs Necris 2k4 Pack

They are back! The dreaded yet so sexy Necris. These are port-overs of the Ut2003 Necris Pack by FreekBoyG R.I.P.


Model Packs Sledge ][

Redone, and cleaned up very well for 2K4. An excellent model pack of uber quality.


Model Packs Suhi Model Pack

A model pack with three slightly different colored women. -Saiyaman


Model Packs Liandri Trooper (MALE)

Contains 8 characters with your choice of gold or black visors. Modeled after the Phobos Quake 3 character.


Model Packs skyshark and Vaptor

any questions yes vaptor is completly my creation he was my unique superhero character that Is my trademark so to speak because im...


Model Packs CTF4 Exile II

nice skinning of the Xan... has the skins for the CTF 4 gametype too if you are playing that:)


Model Packs Necris BabylonV2

The zip file contains two models - BabylonV2 and a bronze version of this Necris character. All Materials are courtesy © Epic Games. All...


Model Packs Freek Boy Necris -VIVID COLORS-

Sweet Necris pack with a more team color friendly flare :)


Model Packs God Horus Pack

WOW, I hope this guy makes more!!! The best I have seen in a while :)


Model Packs God Horus V2

Newly Updated Model...now with non-shiny versions included. This is a must have pack :)


Model Packs Bleodsioan Skins

This skin has been designed for the Juggernaut Male B and contains 4 team skins.


Model Packs WarHammer 40.000 Players Models Pack

7 New Player Models - 4 SpaceMarines, 3 ChaosMarines from Warhammer 40.000 universe. SpaceMarines models: Scout Storm SpaceMarine As...


Model Packs ASnipe's Static Meshes

Static Meshes with Textures; over 100 unique, mainly centred around an English Pub theme. Beer pumps; optics; keg; gauges; some bottles; sk...


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