Unreal Tournament 2004

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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Models
Animals and Monsters Bender 2k4

Port over of the the Ut2003 Bender Model! This one is an all time FAV:)


Animals and Monsters Junk Mech 2k4

Port over of the Ut2003 Junk Mech:)


Animals and Monsters Raptor 2004

Another sweet Fisk model. Looks really nice in game.


Animals and Monsters Droid 2k4

These things gave me the creeps in the movie... now it's 2k4 madness with these suckers... assemble your army now!


Animals and Monsters Effigy 2004

updated version of the effigy model from ut2003 (this is the UT2004 version)


Animals and Monsters Magdalena

looks like effigy in a way (hence uploading at the same time) now if people download both models ut will look wicked


Animals and Monsters Monstar

Creepy model made of spare scary parts... faces all over it too:) Animations really fit the model.


Animals and Monsters UniPshycos

That crazy clown Antix is back for 2K4 and this time he brought a friend:) Excellent model and proud mascot of the Wicked Game Server 2K4...


Animals and Monsters Straw Golem

Lets just say he wasn't in the wizard of OZ... because he would kill everbody!


Animals and Monsters Badger

Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom MUSHROOM! http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com...


Animals and Monsters Ultimate Dragon

this dragon of metal model is very complex and roxxorz my soxxorz


Animals and Monsters Amon 2k4

Excellent model by Evil Engine... as always:)


Animals and Monsters Lucifer 2K4

The evil one from downstairs has returned.


Animals and Monsters Pandarian Brewster

This model looks nuts I love it :) (screenshots are not mine)


Animals and Monsters Golgotha

this model is a must have just look at the screenshot and tell me that doesn't look awsome :) This model originated from some rough draw...


Animals and Monsters Kitty

Speculation continues to this day as to the origins of the Furries. Are they aliens, genetic experiments or just figments of our i...


Animals and Monsters Gargoyle 2K4

Tired of sitting on the roofs of Europe, the Gargoyle joins the tournament:)


Animals and Monsters UT2004 SkaarjDeath model

This model is of a dead skaarj with only the skeletal system.


Animals and Monsters Bugs Bunny Model

This cool, little model changes the normal defualt player into Bugs Bunny. The owner says he doesn't come with a carrot lol. Download this...


Animals and Monsters Miko Fox

This little Foxette is uses a moddified little Eris body as her base and a whole new head and tail for the rest. The model has 2 Skin Choic...


Animals and Monsters Mekkoreneko

This is an interesting skin called Mekkoreneko, created by Talishmar. Check it out.


Celebrities Neo

Hey it''s Neo from the Matrix, cool now we can have Agents vs. Human battles.. maybe not ;) Anyways this model by jpowell is a very good one...


Celebrities Mars Attacks Martian 2K4

This model is very well done... looks just like the movie, hell even better! or as this species would say "Back Ack Ack !"


Celebrities Jango and Boba Fett

Mars had sent me his version of the Mandalorian (Boba/Jango Fett), which proved to be a challenge to work. I've had this model in...