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Celebrities Farnsworth 2K4

Cartoon madness... DOH! Very cool model and animations.


Celebrities KOS-MOS

I admit it, I've never played Xenosaga. I have, however, looked up reference images of KOS-MOS for comparison. The model and the reference i...


No Screenshot
Celebrities Dave_Mustaine_Skin

This is the singer and the Rhythum Guitarist of MegadetH. Becareful you dont want to approach him unarmed.


Female Angel Interceptor 2K4

Another high quality model for your 2K4 fun! Now she sits down in the vehicles:)


Female Legendary Ut2k4

The sexy sister of Ophelia from the game:) I think their last name is Bum.... lol get it, Ophelia Bum... sorry, couldn't resist!


Female Makato

Makoto is the newest development in artificial life technology: An android that was born by an artificial mother. This was meant to improve...


Female FF7 Tifa

Tifa is a character from Final Fantasy VII, modeled after a request on the Polycount (www.polycount.com) Message Boards. The model was orig...


Female kitty

This was suposed to be a sam fischer replacement for splintercell 2 but the ubisoft guys somhow changed the *.ukx fileformat and the normal...


Female Trista

Freaky-Deeky punk rock chick... skanky and deadly!


No Screenshot
Female GothGirl

(upload screenies later i'm ill) radeonator2000 GothGirl enjoys every bit of the tournaments, she fantasizes about the suffering...


Female Little Eris 2004

This model for Unreal Tournament 2004. > 1 model and 2 skins are included. This is "LittleEris" model for UT2004. There is a ".u...


No Screenshot

these make the little eris model playable online radeonator2000


Female DOAX Tina

This is Tina from Dead Or Alive (I'm sure you've played one of the DOA games)


Female Soria ut2k4

"Poly Count: 3756 polys Vert Count: 2191 Verts Skin Count: 1(512*512) 1(512*1024) Skins Base i...


Female Enhanced Ophelia

Supposedly enhanced all I've noticed is the breasts bounce well that's good enough for me bring it on :P if this was done by someone other t...


Female Adella

What can be better than a female model! I think that all model makers should take some pointers from the Ophelia Enhanced model. You all kno...


Female Anguish

A cool looking reskin of the Satin model. Not much else to say. One of her eyes got poked out it looks like. You will see in the screeny....


Female Liandri Angel

Another great model from Evil Engine! ***Please follow the readme for online usage***


Female Leela

this is a character from the much beloved and missed show futurama well at least bender has a friend to play with now :) Model author: S...


Female trainergirl

This is a very nicely made skin although it has been out for a while I never found it on this site so I added it this is now my fav skin :)...


Female Liandri Trooper (FEMALE)

Contains 8 characters with your choice of gold or black visors.


Female Meryl Remix 2004

Team skins for Warbeast's Meryl model, and several original skins by yours truly. The textures for the new dresses were created in...


Female Ageha

LittleEris type android with KouRyuu's boosters which color like a ageha (swallowtailed butterfly) thankyou jengirl for 3 more images (6,...


Female Space Bunny Chick

I've been playing with this for a while now it is one of the very few models that I actually like 100% no complaints about anything The ult...