Unreal Tournament 2004

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
InstaGIB UT2k4 Guest 278B 938
[VSK] Sniper Rifle Ray@VSK 12KB 2,506
[VSK] Assault Rifle Ray@VSK 13KB 2,099
Blood Explosion Blu3Gough 2KB 4,234
Seige_2004 Seige 2004 Team 22.52MB 3,409
ATI Startup Logo Mad Max 166KB 19,408
Urban Inro Screen Guest 84KB 711
-=UNREAL DEMOLITION=- Guest 17.99MB 9,667
Jailbreak for UT2004 (uMOD) Team Jailbreak 98.69MB 5,192
Jailbreak for UT2004 (.Zip) Team Jailbreak 98.71MB 2,335
Jailbreak for UT2003 (uMOD) Team Jailbreak 85.61MB 216
Jailbreak for UT2003 (.Zip) Guest 85.62MB 153
Alien Swarm (umod) Black Cat Games 108.03MB 3,781
Chaos UT2004: Evolution (ZIP) ChaoticDreamsTeam 216.61MB 5,739
Jailbreak 2004 Service Pack 1 Team Jailbreak 11KB 1,321
Troopers: Dawn of Destiny [UMod] The TroopersDoD Team 295MB 13,053
Chaos UT2004: Evolution (Umod) ChaoticDreamsTeam 218.2MB 19,251
UnWheelB3 Guest 128.6MB 1,706
Unreal Annihilation Zip Patch Guest 20.76MB 144
Unreal Annihilation Umod Guest 111.16MB 897
Unreal Annihilation Zip Guest 115.28MB 424
Unreal Annihilation Umod Patch Guest 19.56MB 168
Frag Ops Windows Only Patch Guest 18.54MB 411
Frag Ops Multi-Platform Patch Guest 21.36MB 218
Frag Ops Full Install Guest 350.97MB 6,883
Air Buccaneers 4.0 to 4.1 Zip Patch Guest 50.54MB 504
SAS UT2k4 Windows SAS Devel Team 307.64MB 4,755
Air Buccaneers Full Zip Install Guest 165.3MB 1,987
SAS UT2k4 Linux SAS Devel Team 310.05MB 417
Air Buccaneers Full Umod Unstall Guest 165.33MB 3,515
Fraghouse Invasion Zip Fraghouse Mod Team 71.22MB 486
Fraghouse Invasion Umod Fraghouse Mod Team 71.23MB 870
Carball Full Umod Install Guest 14.08MB 707
Carball Patch Umod Install Guest 12.96MB 189
Carball Full Install Zip Guest 14.01MB 726
Carball Patch Zip Install Guest 12.89MB 168
Fraghouse Invasion Umod Patch Fraghouse Mod Team 541KB 495
Fraghouse Invasion Zip Patch Fraghouse Mod Team 523KB 277
ChaosUT Umod Patch ChaoticDreamsTeam 29.01MB 1,460
ChaosUT Zip Patch ChaoticDreamsTeam 29MB 772
Muralis Umod Guest 42.93MB 484
Muralis Zip Guest 42.53MB 248
Fragops Windows Patch Guest 30.84MB 358
Fragops Zip Patch Guest 32.69MB 137
U4E-MSU edition (ZIP) U4E-Team 34.97MB 547
U4E-MSU Edition (UMOD) U4E-Team 35.01MB 1,182
FragOps Windows Optimization Patch Guest 59.34MB 349
FragOps Multi-OS Optimization Patch Guest 62.66MB 104
Fragops Patch Executable Pandora Studios 5.67MB 209
Fragops Patch Zip Pandora Studios 6.42MB 130