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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Mutators
Mutators Team Damage 1.05

This is a nice mutator for servers that want to curtail team killers when friendly fire is enabled.


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Mutators MapMixer

MapMixer is a Mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004 that gives you extended control over your game by helping to manage the options that maps a...


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Mutators BotMixer

BotMixer is an optional add-on component designed for use with MapMixer for Unreal Tournament 2004. It manages custom bot lists, giving gre...


Mutators Wehtam Invasion

Tired of Shooting the same old monsters, with the same old gun? Wehtam Invasion throws you in the jaws of death and pits you against 12 alte...


Mutators Wehtam Invasion 2

Tired of Shooting the same old monsters, with the same old gun? Wehtam Invasion throws you in the jaws of death and pits you against 13 alte...


Mutators Siege 2004

Siege200X is a modification for UT200X which combines the gameplay of FirstPersonShooters and RealTimeStrategy-games. This mod features:...


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Mutators CTF4

This small patch fixes a couple outstanding bugs that were present in version, released yesterday. This new version is available bot...


Mutators Aged To Perfection

Aged To Perfection version 1.2 Copyright 2004 Hardware Massage Circus http://www.hardwaremassagecircus.com [email protected]


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Mutators UTComp 1.6a

UT2004's primary competitive mutator - has been updated to version 1.6a. Included in this release include some EnhancedNetcode fixes, sever...


Mutators Airbuccaneers

AirBuccaneers is a modification for UnrealTournament 2004. It contains a new multiplayer game type with airships, cannons, airmines and vari...


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Mutators Mut Bot Manager

This Mutator allows you to manage the addition and removal of Bots from within a running game. Unlike the 'AddBots' and 'KillBots' co...


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Mutators Advanced Bot VampirusJR

Mutator was created to approach bot tactics to human in 1vs1 game. Bot can: - control Shield, SuperShield and DoubleDamage - control Sh...


Mutators Shield_Shard_UT2k4

Shield Shard = a 12 point shield pickup its data-size = 4.61 KB root directory operation = System [...


Mutators PlayerModifier

properties.Comments: This may contain some bugs, but please report them to me. And high speeds may lag in a network game.Credits: Troy, for...


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Mutators MutTimedMessages

This mutator shows your configured messages timed on your ammount.Screenshot: A screenshot for a non GUI mutator is too boring


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Mutators MutTimedMessages

its 1.0 but in fact it really is 1.1


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Mutators Weapon Of Power

also add some new weapon power ups that is applied to weapons of powerRead the readme file for more help


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Mutators Vampire Plus

conversion ratio).


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Mutators Rotation Factory

rotation list spawns.Phasmida1


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Mutators MiA-HitSound (serveractor)

MiA_HitSound is a simple serveractor that notifies players with a soundwhen ever they successfully hit an enemy.Admin can pick whatver the s...


Funtators Gibalicious

A UT2004 mutator to increase gore. And really, this is a LOT of blood we're talking about :) ~Szico VII~ FF|Review: A mess...


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Funtators Medusa Combo

for those who have UT2004 SE on the tutorials it shows you how to make this when you activate this combo it freezes whoever you look at


Funtators PermaSpeed

It allows for infinite use of adrenal-type speed given you have at least 1 adrenaline.


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Funtators Monkey Matrix

What is the Matrix? The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your windo...