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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Onslaught
Onslaught ONS Falloutfield

Set in a decimated earth civilization, FalloutField, is the result of a planet wide nuclear war that caused an extinction level event (E.L.E...


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Onslaught ONS GizaOasis

The map, suited for 16-24 players, features an Egyptian theme.


Onslaught ONS-Grit

This map feels like it's in Egypt, what with all the deserts and pyramids around (Did that skybox come with the game?) but also kinda feels...


Onslaught ONS-Ranger

This map is one of those which I look on as common. I don't mean the mapping skill is rubbish, I mean the ambience and setting is common. T...


Onslaught ONS_Alien][

The daytime version of the extreme ownage map alien depicted from the movie aliens it is nothing short of making you poop your pants ra...


Onslaught ONS-Serration

Liandri corperation were in desperate need of a new Onslaught arena. They were searching the Wastlands of the planet Omnicron when they dis...


Onslaught ONS-Highland

This Is the first new Onslaught map I have seen on UT2004, because I haven't played the official ones yet, and for a first it's not bad. Unf...


Onslaught ONS-Tank Wars

It seems that Onslaught maps are going to become very popular - I've seen about 32 new ones in the space of a week. Some of them have been u...


Onslaught ONS-Evil Mood

This is a symetrical ONS map, with a cold mountain sort of theme to it. Four powernodes and the power generators.


Onslaught ONS-Top Gun

A map that consists of three islands, where the only way to get around is in raptors. An AVRiL whore's dream!


Onslaught ONS-(RTS)Sanctuary

Flowing map that brings ONS great action!!! One of the better custom maps out there.


Onslaught ONS-WasteLand

Lots of ONS goodness here... this map even has the AS turrets on it for added defense:)


Onslaught ONS-AlbatrossSanctuary

Creepy... makes me want to get evil on the op team:) High Quality mappage for the ONS freaks.


Onslaught ONS-Biohazard

This is a map that is great once you learn it... it can ba a little frustrating at first, but play it with a bunch of your peeps and you're...


Onslaught ONS-Camo

Reminds me of GR on Unreal-Roids Lush greenage to paint with a nice shade of red...MUHAHAHAHA


Onslaught ONS-ChainsIsileFinal

Smaller map, but all the bloodshed you'd expect from unreal. very nice map... one of the favs on custom map servers:)


Onslaught ONS-cobrapass

Smaller ONS map for action ONS!!!


Onslaught ONS-ColdFusion

Very well done map, can't for more from this author!!!


Onslaught ONS-Deadlock

hmmm... how about tokara meets some greenish planet +ONS for this one. The middle node one this on is a bi-yatch but makes it really fun:...


Onslaught ONS-Desert_JunkYard

Awesome Map!!! You might need a decent rig to run this bad-Larry. This is one of the first maps I have found that is great for uber large...


Onslaught ONS-Desolate

This is a map all you urban destructo's will love.


Onslaught ONS-Eire

This map is hilarious to play with the music it comes with! Very nice map, but I'm still puzzled.


Onslaught ONS-GZ_FortisErectus

Man, this is one of the coolest, but toughest maps you can play for ONS.


Onslaught ONS-Icarus

I believe this is the first Custom ONS map released after 2004 came out.


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