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Other FHI SM Hell

A map from MrSmiles. Spawning in a series of dark-lit corridors, you might not fully understand the map's title. That is, until you step ou...


Other Flight

This isn't an ONS map like the filename suggests. Instead, its a huge jump, with plenty of scorps, benders, and TC1000's!


Other DM-Pachinko

Simple concept, ride the lift to the top, pick a chute, jump and die, and aim for the ten point boxes.


Other DM-The Big Bang

LOL, this map is hilarious. It is in the other section per request of the dev. Basically it is a very small map with 6 Redeemers lined up...


Other UT Classics

A re-make map pack containing some of the most popular and my fav ut99 maps. Contains 9 high quality maps:- DM-1on1-Oblivion2k4,DM-...


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Other RO_debrecen

I don't have RO anymore therefore I can't try it out but it looks awsome from the screenies so try it out and tell me what you think


Other CB-Zigzag 2004

This map is based on my only other map, zigzag for QW Team Fortress, made back in 1997. I just thought the basic design would make...


Other Vehicle Invasion

# VINV-ArcticStronghold - Eric'Swartz' Evans # VINV-AthwaryCask - Richard "GroundZero" Edwards # VINV-BoilingParadise - "Pointles...


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Other Nates map pack

-- -===Nate's Map Pack- -- Created by: Nate the Bad Ass Web Site: http://af...


Other UT2004 Community Bonus Pack 1

This is a re-make of CBP 1 (originally for UT2003). It has now been re-done for UT2004. http://planetunreal.com/cbp


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Other sCTF-Stand Off

sCTF-StandOff is a new map for a new custom gametype, Super Capture the Flag. sCTF-StandOff uses many pre-existing static me...


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Other Classic & Vehicle Domination Map Pack

The original Domination game type from the (UT99) Unreal Tournament: Game of The Year edition is back for Unreal Tournament 2004....


Other Chasm Map Pack

This map is set in a mining facility embedded in the walls of the Eternal Chasm. It is a tight map, with very fast gameplay. It is...


Other Fraghouse Invasion Community Pack

The pack contains a variety of maps which offer different perspectives towards the Fraghouse Invasion gametype. There are tons of n...


Other FHI-SoH_Ghost3021-Junkyard

This is a map for the Fraghouse Invasion mod. Content "borrowed" :P : DM-Rustatorium, DM-Junkyard


Other SinkPack 2004

Unreal as any, the contestants are miniaturized and the battles are staged in what was once an ordinary kitchen. Now facing tremen...


Other CTF4-Crossway

Requires the CTF4 Mod. Crossway is a fast paced, small, simple Morpheus style map and is best played with 8-16 players. The map...


Other CTC-UT Map Pack Volume 2

The CTC Mappack was started on 2 February 2004. With the upcoming release of Unreal Tournament 2004, the original Unreal Tournamen...


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Other Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Compilation Pack 1

I've completed the first Release Candidate of my (yours) Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Compilation Pack 1. Created by the UT2K4 communit...


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Other ABU-CloudyLakeInari-TDM

This is only a minor change to Lake Inari.


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Other ao-cleanup2

Another overrun base that needs cleanup.


Other AS-WarOfTheWorlds

This is not an Assault map, it is designed for TEAM DEATHMATCH.


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Other Orbiting Monolith

Scientific Outpost Raja XI, one of several outposts built by the science division of the Liandri Corporation. The original science team...


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Other Orbiting Monolith

Scientific Outpost Raja XI, one of several outposts built by the science division of the Liandri Corporation. The original science team wa...


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