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Others Red Hat

NightMaleRS="Name: RedHat|Age: 11|Race: A Stupid Kid||Data:|He is a twin of Mr.Crow.|Sometime te say not RedHat but: Dr.Crow.||"


Others Freemind

It has been Counterstrikedude's deam to make a "Matrix-Like" skin and he decided to test out diffrent models and this beauty came out. An...


Others Asker

A pretty decent skin by nitran109. It was his first skin and hopefully not his last. Hope you guys enjoy this skin.


Others DD's Uller

Cool DD skin, I think its a cross between an Alien and a Robot. But you can deicde for yourself :)


Others Emeka

This skin looks very cool. I like how detailed it is. You can really see that a lot of time was spent on creating this. There are 3 differen...


Others MozaiekMan

Skin covered with a mozaiek texture. Looks kind of funny but it's not really a cool skin. Still, if you like mozaiek then this is for you!


Others Antiphates

Awesome looking skin which needs a place in every collection.


Others Chrome Selig

A skinpack that replaces the origanal Selig with a more shiney version.


Others Brian Skin (Cellshadefix)

Brian Griffin from the TV Cartoon Show... FAMILY GUY. There may be an update with taunts in the near future.


Others Aias

Comes with 4 Teamcolors and a bio. by Slaughter


Others Quagmire Skin

Glen Quagmire is from the TV Cartoon Show... FAMILY GUY. He comes with a voice pack and 2 team skins.


Others Athu and Devine

Two skins for the Necris model from the ECE content.


Others Samus Aran

Another weird, yet cool looking skin. The skin is probably based on a excisting character.


Others Galgore's Bright Skin Pack

Players will appear with VERY bright skins


Others Jack o Lantern

Comes with 2 teams skins and a custom voice pack... Bit late for this year. Maybe next year? ;)


Others Mentals Skinpack

Comes with 3 Faces bios and 4 Teamcolors.


Others Colorama

A colourful rocky Nebri skin! Look at the picture to see it, the picture is in gif format so the picture looks weird though but you can see...


Others Projector 2k4

A rocky cool Xan skin!! This is what you just read, a Xan skin... Look at the picture to see it...


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Others WAAAGH Ork Voicepacks

This pack contains 2 sound packs. The Ork soundpack is intended for use with Bots. You must manually give them the voice by clicking "Edit\...


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Others IGS Candy Canes

Something for the holidays CandyCane Weapon Lockers it replaces the regular weapons lockers with candycanes


Others Red Eyes

A nice skin by a first-time maker, though it could use more color :) Red Eyes is a black monster character with red eyes. Simple as tha...


Others Red Eyes v2/Assassin

Here's more Red Eyes skins, but with a greater variety of colors and fixed UPL files.


Others Undead Silence

This skin is based on Death Dream's Silence skin. Team support included.


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Others Emperor

Emperor is a skin for UT2004, but is also compatible with UT2003. It's genius creator is Rahul "Sabretooth" Shirke. It has teamskins, bio...


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