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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Robots
Robots Xan Final

Xan has now been rebuilt....equiped with shiny new solid 10k gold plating.His A.I. software has upgaded and the battle scars have been buf...


Robots USA Xan

Xan reskinned with the USA colours, Red Blue and white. People are so patriotic nowadays lol :) Looks pretty good when I tested it, although...


Robots Entity v1.1 (Umod)

Just a reskin of a female robot.


Robots Tribalva

An animated rva - skin. Looks nice in game. Though I did notice that it looked like it was facing the wrong way someti...


Robots Extinguisher

Reskin of Zan. I am too tired to come up with a good review.


Robots Sativia

An animated camouflaged robot skin, nice because the filesize is small. That basically covers it.


Robots Cade

A reskin of Xan. By Slaughter :) PS i took the screenshot from ut2003hq cuz i was to lazy to take my own pics


Robots Axan

Reskin of some robot (I don't know all the model names). I personally don't like it, the text on the skin doesn't blend well. You have th...


Robots Qx9 (v3)

Modified Cobalt model Fine ass robot skin indeed. Even has cool looking team colors available. I wonder if this is wha...


Robots Apocalypse

A nice looking robot model. Looks very good in game.


Robots Elvish Golem

I personally don't like it. Looks like the skinner just put a rock texture on the whole skin.


No Screenshot
Robots Bloodlust

MY first skin ever for UT2004, hopefully not my last, I forgot to write a readme so ill just put in the essentials on how to install, a coup...


Robots Sabotage

A nicely done skin. Very green, I like it though, looks sleek.


Robots Eclipse Skin

A second skin by CryoEnix. Very nicely done purple killing machine.


Robots Rural

A green robot skin. Has some nice texturing, not quite rural in my mind. Almost too bright of a green.


Robots U2 Gunner

A skin of what I guess is the Unreal 2 Gunner.


Robots U2 Tech

This is the unreal 2 tech model with 4 versions of a skin i have made for it. They are grey and black, going for a dark tech feel,...


Robots U2 Ranger

This is the unreal 2 ranger model with 4 versions of a skin i have made for it. They are grey and black, going for a dark sniper f...


Robots Light Xan

A lighter version of Xan. It is about time Xan lost some weight.


Robots NightStalker

Nightstalker is a pitch black Widowmaker with EYES :/ Don't worry. I didn't just use Upaint and color his whole body black. Though I did t...


Robots Spyware UT2004

The spyware model is missing parts of its arm, they must be magnetic or something. Cool model nonetheless. FF|Review: One of th...


Robots Xipher

I own a Big thanks to Qx9! He helped me out a ton with this skin. The head texture was made by him which was taken from his Qx9 Skin he made...


Robots DD's Firestarter

Great skin from Death Dream, reminds me of Prodigy :P


Robots Wolf Pack

Syzygy Character Skin Pack, "Wolf pack", for Unreal Tournament 2004


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