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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Skin Packs
Skin Packs New Egypt-SkinPack

On board is a new Model, 3 new skins for well-known models and an Easter Egg in form of a hard core pink version. As usual there are up to 4...


Skin Packs XL Skin Pack

A Skin pack containing 3 skins. By Klasnic


Skin Packs Nova

Used the NightFemale3 along with Ophelia model and other parts. Custom eyepiece/hud. Dreds from the alien male model. ...


Skin Packs Striker Series

Reminds me of the tin man for some reason. Even though they look nothing alike. Nicely done skin though.


Skin Packs Anode Series

According to the readme, it containes a new version of Anode (if you downloaded it previously) and a new skin called Diode.


Skin Packs Necris Skin Pack II

Contains 8 neat looking gothic/zombie themed skins. 5 of these are body skins and the rest are facial skins. Check out readme for more info.


Skin Packs BUF Skin Pack

A large UT2004 skin pack with 14 assorted skins.


Skin Packs The Deadly Duo

A cool skin pack by J2A featuring 2 skins. A reskin of lilith named Calith and a reskin of sapphire named Ryushu. Very cool indeed :)


Skin Packs Space Corp's Team Skin Pack

If you have already downloaded the Diego and Tiara skins, you will already know that they are but two members of the Elite Space Co...


Skin Packs Team Snake Eyes

Char Info *Male Body: I repainted Malcolm's Suit and combine...


No Screenshot
Skin Packs Dark Force skin pack

this is a skinpack for players who like the dark side... Edit by Saiyaman: Not totally sure where all these files go, so...


Skin Packs Team Snake Eyes Skin Pack 2

*UT2k4-TeamSnakeEyes2.u4tmod: -installs the files:# \UT2004\textures\TeamSnakeEyes2.utx # \UT2004\syst...


Skin Packs Egypt Gods

A set of 3 skins, see the screenshots.


Skin Packs Ghost Hunters

Semi-transparent versions of eight popular characters.


Skin Packs Blue Gear Pack

Another big SkinPack comes from MacTom27. It´s called Blue Gear Pack and contains 10 skins with 4 teamcolors.


Skin Packs Assassin Cats Skinpack

Assassin Cats Skinpack for Unreal Tournament 2004. 1 bodyskins with 2 faces. Requires Elektra model (armor version) by Eklipse. Includes 4 t...


Skin Packs Halloween Skinpack

Players can pick from one of four different Halloween masks, or you can turn everyone into skeletons!


Skin Packs Sailor Senshi Model Pack

Suicide Joe released Sailor Senshi. A Modelpack with 6 models. These are Sailor Moon / Eternal SailorMoon , Sailor Mercury , Sailor Jupiter...


Skin Packs Ghost Hunters Pack 2

ParkisG strikes again with his transparent makeovers of UT2004's stock characters.


Skin Packs TSE - Bravo

MäxX has included many gimmicks (installer, bonus pix, bios supporting more than one language) The voicepack-entries and the included voicep...


Skin Packs TSE - Charlie

MäxX has included many gimmicks (installer, bonus pix, bios supporting more than one language) The voicepack-entries and the included voicep...


Skin Packs SKAARJ [Animated Skin Pack]

Eight animated skaarj characters, all with full 4 team support. A new skaarj species is also included for alternate gameplay.


No Screenshot
Skin Packs WarBots Skin Pack

MacTom released a really great SkinPack called WarBots. 8 Skins are included, bios written by Starry Might and 4 teamcolors for each skin.


Skin Packs Bonus Skaarj Skin Packs

MacTom27 created two great SkaarjPacks. BonusSkaarj contains 6 skins, Bios by Starry Might and four teamcolors.


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