Unreal Tournament 2004

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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Skins
Skins Cress

Cress Alien Male Skin for download.


Skins Dua1ity Skinpack

These are 6 skins by me. 4 of them are either new or enhanced versions of old skins by me. 2 of them, Orin and Orit, have gone relatively un...


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Skins Skulls Skinpack

This is my first skinpack. It consists of two skins "Necrita" and "Grobar". I didn't have the chance to finish Necrita, because my mous...


Skins Mountian

Xan skin with mountian dew type cocain logo.


Skins QueenB Blond



Skins Hybrid Skin

A Hybrid Skin for your UT2004 Game.


Skins Bloodophelia

Check the screenshots for more information!


Skins Layla skin

New female model for ut2004


Skins Firestarter

A new Firestarter skin by Death Dream.


Skins UT Scream model

This model is based on the movie Scream and has the clasic Scream mask.


Skins RocSlimed Skin

It is my fist skin for any game.Hope you like it.


Skins GeneralMalcolm

i just made this skin for fun(i had no other idea)


Skins Taye Skin

This is a model used from Othello (Head) and Jakob (body) to make Taye. If you open up XPlayers file under thunder crash list, by default th...


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Skins DeadpoolB1

Ut2k4 Deadpool ModelDeadpool comes with a Voicepack made by MJpoland.I converted and edited the Model submitted by Ecelon.I do not own the M...


Skins Big Smoke and Sweet

Big Smoke and Sweet skins for UT2k4. They dont come with Teamcolours.I do not own the models. I just ported them.TO INSTALL (MANUALLY):Place...


Skins John Cena

Propably the most steahlty skin you will ever find for Ut2k4.I do not own the Model!TO INSTALL (MANUALLY):Place the .utx file in the texture...


Skins John Cena V2

Propably the most stealty skin you will find. V2 comes with team colour support.


Skins Blackguard

Blackguard 1960 joins the tournement!


Skins Stalin

In 1953 Stalin officially died to a stroke. Maybe his facial expresions died on that day, but that doesent stop him from sending you to a gu...


Skins Skyrim Guard

Stop right there ! You comited crime agains UT and its player. What say you in your defense? He comes in the default colour orange and...


Skins Lemongrab

Lemongrab from adventure time. Skin comes with team colours.TO INSTALL (MANUALLY):Place the .utx file in the texture directory the ukx. in t...


Skins Infantry1960

Some infantry out of Wolfenstein.Comes with a desert version and a black one.  No Teamcolour added yet.I do not own the Model!TO INSTAL...


Skins Piccolo

Piccolo from Dragonball.  Comes with Teamskins.His shoulder are clipping while jumping , due to his comic look. I do not own the M...


Skins Ladybug

Ladybug Skin.I do not own the Model!TO INSTALL (MANUALLY):Place the .utx file in the texture directory the ukx. in the animation directoryan...