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Uncategorized Lightsuit

Light Suit.. is it a suit which makes light? Indeed it is! How did you guess? ;-) The Light Suit mutator gives you the option to toggle an...


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Uncategorized allvehiclearena

This is a handy mutator that lets you replace any vehicle in ONS or VCTF with whatever one you want. If you downloaded other vehicles, then...


Uncategorized BloodLoss

BloodLoss comes in two flavors, Classic/Hardcore and Lite, which show up as separate muts in the menu. BLOODLOSS CLASSIC/HARDCORE Wh...


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Uncategorized Duke Nukem Part 2

This is a Duke Nukem voice pack.


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Uncategorized Duke Nukem 2005 Voicepack

This is exactly what the title implies. A Duke Nukem 2005 voicepack.


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Uncategorized Serious Sam Voicepack

A Serious Sam voicepack for UT2004


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Uncategorized Will Rock Voicepack

Not sure who Will Rock is but here's his voicepack.


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Uncategorized Serious Sam Part 2 Voicepack

Also exactly what the title implies. Serious Sam part 2 voicepack


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Uncategorized In Game Text Replacments

This mod changes the boring old death text ex: "crazy man killed you" or "you killed crazy man" to "crazy man oWnZed you!" or "You...


Uncategorized UT2004LoadingScreens Volume1

Five loading screens for UT2004.


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Uncategorized Anti TCC

An improved UT2004 security mutator that detects modified files and character entries as well as other hacks like aimbots or server crashers...


Uncategorized Nostalgic Mutator

Mutator that alters the HUD, power-ups, weapon functioning, character size, and a whole lot more in order to make them more similar to that...


Uncategorized Jerrys Vehicle Horse

This file contains a unreal tournament 2004 mod file (executable) for a vehicle. It appears to turn your vehicle into a horse (check the...


Uncategorized Lobreaker

The Lobreaker is a new tank vehicle that replaces Goliaths model and it's default properties. Besides it's main weapon, the tank cannon, n...


Uncategorized Guardian xs

Fixes accidental ai bug from previous code a bug in the code interaction caused the sentinels to jam up when registering their cannon this h...


Uncategorized UC2DM Announcer Second Edition

UC2GORGE taunt pack full ( 4 DEATHMATCH ONLY OR CONFIG TO BOTS ) made from unreal championship 2 taunts for ut2004


Uncategorized utHUD Mutator

After CPMA and war§ow, here's ut2k4's turn to have a customizable hud! It isn't as complete as the others, in order to make it compatible...


Uncategorized Inventory System

The Inventory System is a mutator which enables the player to get credits for damaging monsters. This can be used to buy items from the in-g...


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