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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2004 Vehicle CTF

why do you want a description its BLOODGULCH ffs (not exact but pretty damn good) known bugs:some vehicles are weird (not my map so i can...


Vehicle CTF VCTF-ColdBlood

Theres a few tunnels that you could travel through if you look around. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-AbattoirIsland

"The Tournament owners bought The flags are set on the small island known as Abattoir Island. The island was bought for the Tournaments...


Vehicle CTF VCTF-BadPlace][

"This is bascially the same map as Bad Place one with some removal of water and changes to existing water that increase frame rate rates 2...


Vehicle CTF VCTF-BattleChill

A circular shaped map with lots of shields. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-DesertCombat

A wide open level with 4 minigun turrets at each base. They have view of the whole arena so expect to be shot when not taking cover. Lots of...


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Vehicle CTF VCTF-DK-Torlan

A VCTF remake of Torlan. I think we all know what Torlan looks like. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-DogFight

This level is very similar to the level, Hyperblast2. This map has low gravity and the flag is covered by destroyable barrels. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-Experimental

A map a forest-like apperance. Each base is pretty big. One thing i dont like about this map is that the translocator is a pickup so that me...


Vehicle CTF VCTF-GreenForest

A dark forest, thats....dark. yeah. Theres some tunnles beneath each flag full of weapons! (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-IceFields

"This map was based on bungies IceFields for halo (PC only) but it looks way different. You who have actually played the original IceField...


Vehicle CTF VCTF-Juggernaut

"The Tournament was transporting several vehicles between planets when a tournament sponser had the idea of using the large transport shi...


Vehicle CTF VCTF-Junglebattles

A map with some destroyed vehicles and dead bodys. The smoke from the vehicles may cause some slight performance loss on slower CPUs. (>^_^)...


Vehicle CTF VCTF-LostPlace

A large dark map with some rough terrain. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-Mesaa

The bases on this map are pretty cool. This is a large desert-like map. The downside: if you fall in that giant fault in the middle of the m...


Vehicle CTF VCTF-BigBash2

An odd level with some trippy warps! Check it out....(>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-Carbon Cove

A map with two very big lakes. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-Mag Mortis

You can go through those trippy lookin things on the walls to get to a hall that goes around the whole level. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-PavillionWars

A nice, big, level with a long road that goes around the whole level. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-Trench Warfare

A laggy trenchy map. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-River Canyon

A level with a river. yay. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-Misty Glen

A cool dark forest. (>^_^)>


Vehicle CTF VCTF-WGS-Accelerator2k4

VCTF port of CTF- Accelerator2k4. Still the same great map, but a few turrets and raptors fadded or air support:)


Vehicle CTF VCTF-WGS-Bedrooms2k4

Another Giant map that was a very popular 2k3 map:) Added in a few vehicles, a few easter eggs and it makes for a nice recipe. Kid Ying...


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