Abigail Breslin Voice Pack v1.0



This is a voice pack of the Oscar-nominated and, in my opinion, delicious teen actress Abigail Breslin. Shes one of my cute and talented actresses that breaks the Hollywood phenomenon. This is my fourth VP that is for a child/teen star Ive been made. She played prolific mature roles (whether leading or supporting) by standard that doesnt matter how shes very talented. At the time, her voice is soooo cool but quite nervous of her squeaky clean personality, however, the sounds in this VP arent very impressive in one of these section events and slots, just because I brought an idea here for creating this pack seriously. Very hard time to get through here, just like my other child/teen voice packs for a cause. Childish, huh? Im refused to splicing one of my sound files everywhere instead of making the appropriate commands that makes me confusing sometimes. And there is one sound file I made is adding the loud shotgun blast sound at the end of length in the clip from the movie. As for that, there are no glitches in this pack, just analyzing some sounds and slots, tested it, and ready for stable release. I might say that there are some Order and Other events are not covered around, but they have their requisite text in place so you can use them, only you wont hear the sounds.

Samples: Todays the day we fight for our piece of the world! Twelves the new 20. Gun, please. Okay, yeah. That makes something's just perfect sense.

Contents: 15 Acknowledgments 4 Names 10 Friendly Fires 7 Orders 17 Other/Miscellaneous 36 Taunts


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