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Whoo. This mod is fun. The controls are a little odd and I can't figure out how to dive, I don't think that is enabled, the bots don't do it...


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Whoo. This mod is fun. The controls are a little odd and I can't figure out how to dive, I don't think that is enabled, the bots don't do it either. But anyway. Once you get past the few flaws you can almost expect in an early release, this mod is excelent. The Akimbo weapons, while being confusing when you need to drop a weapon, is wicked cool. Instead of the right mouse button being secondary fire for the primary weapon, when you are in akimbo, it is your off-hand weapon. So you can hold both buttons to shoot both weapons. The models are very nicely done, though I wish there were more player models, only a male and female for each team (rather boring actually). But this mod has TONS AND TONS of potential. I can't wait for a future release.

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About Action Unreal Tournament

Action Unreal Tournament is a modification of Unreal Tournament 2004 that adds realistic weapons, better damage simulation, new gameplay, and bags of action-movie style.

Ever watched a John Woo flick and said 'I wish I could do that' as a guy dived down the stairs, akimbo pistols blazing?

Now you can. And why watch a movie when you can play it?

For those with a history of action games, AUT is the followup to the successful Action Quake2 and Action Half-Life; we hope to continue the tradition of fun gameplay, innovative features and consistent quality. It's based around concepts incorporated into the unreleased version developed for Unreal Tournament.

AUT is going to take the things we've learned from Action Quake 2, Action Half-Life and our development in the Unreal engine and combine them into one fast moving action packed extravaganza.

How To Install

At the point of writing we only have a zipped umod as our install format...
Using the .umod is by far the easiest method of installation. Simply execute the file and follow on screen instructions. The installation process will create an Action Unreal Tournament executable automatically. For Windows users, this will create an AUT program folder in your programs list.

If you dont see a setup program appear when you install drop by the help/question forums and we'll explain how to fix it.  -

Important Gameplay info

In AUT both hands can be configured to contain a weapon.  You still have a preferred hand (right hand by default), but can put a weapon in your bad hand.  For the remainder of this document the right hand will be referred to as the "good hand" and the left hand referred to as the "offhand".  The reason for this is that its still possible to switch your left and right hands.

Weapon selection in AUT achieved via a bucket menu system.  Those familiar with action halflife will be familiar with this concept.  When you press a weaponselect button a menu will scroll out.  This menu will display a list of weapons you can choose.  Press the weaponselect button again to cycle through the weapons in that bucket.  When weapon you wish to select is highlighted, press the primary fire button to equip the weapon in your good hand, or the alternate fire to select the weapon in your offhand.

AUT has 4 buckets with the weapons laid out as follows

1 - Fists, knives, grenades
2 - Pistols
3 - Unique weapons
4 - Unused (Preperation for a later beta)

Firing your guns in AUT is different from most other games.  Primary fire will fire the weapon in your good hand, and alt fire will fire the weapon in your offhand.  This allows you to control how much lead you rake across a room, and how long your ammo will last with out having to reload.

The game also has a location based damage system.  Shots to the head cause more damage than shots to the chest.  Arm shots are weaker than chest shots, and leg shots are weaker than arm shots, but cause you to limp and move at a slow speed.  If you are hit you will usually start to bleed (kevlar vests will prevent bleeding from chest and stomach shots).  To stop bleeding and heal any leg damage you will have to bandage.  When you bandage you wont be able to fire your guns until the procedure is completed.

Choosing weapons

In AUT you dont have to buy weapons.  When the game starts you'll be presented with a selection screen with the weapons that are allowed for that map/gamemode.  Deathmatch only allows you to spawn with pistols or knives, and the weapons and items are scattered in the world.  Teamplay allows you to select a complete inventory, and you'll appear with those weapons each time you spawn.

To reload your weapons, simply press the key you have bound to reload.  If you are akimbo this will drop one gun, reload it, switch to the other, reload and bring both back up.  If you are only holding one gun then the reload will simply reload that gun.  For non-clip based reloads you will have to hold down the reload button until the number of bullets/shells you want inserted has been reached.


All of the useful controls can be bound from the input controls menu ingame.  They are listed below for completeness, and to allow people to generate alias keybinds if they wish.  These controls are in addition to the Unreal Tournament controls.

To bind a key in unreal tournament - set input %KEY% %COMMMAND%, where key is the button you want to press, and command is one of the following


SwitchWeapon 1-4			-  Opens and cycles through the relevant bucket menu
reload 								-  Reloads your gun(s)
bandage								-  Bandages your wounds
throwweapon 					-  Throws the weapon in your offhand, or your goodhand if you arent akimbo
throwitem							-  Drops your special item
ExitZoom							-  Zooms out with the sniper rifle

**** EXPERIMENTAL **** The following may contain/cause bugs
drawweapon %weap%			-  Puts the weapon you name instead of %weap% in your good hand
drawaltweapon %weap%	-  Puts the weapon you name instead of %weap% in your offhand

Known bugs

drawweapon and drawaltweapon can cause a loop to happen, to cancel it select kung-fu in both hands
laser and flashlight can flicker in and out
glass in round based games respawns instantly
Weapon ammo count can skip bullets
shooting terrain makes ground look black at certain angles 

Action Unreal Tournament Development Staff


Stuart 'Payback' Crouch -
Dave 'Wheels' Royal
'Evil Dr Wong'


Thorsten 'Borg' Schwalb -
Joseph 'MrGlock' Walsh -
Raphael 'Larusso' Buchen -


James 'Seek_M' Ingram - [Painclinic]
Kevin 'Zodiak' IJpelaan - [Teleport]
Pär 'Parkar' Karlsson - [S-mart] [Labs]
Sean 'Aneurexorcyst' Noonan [Restaurant]

Richard 'Frost' Neumann -
Niklas 'Superfisch' Schandry -
Pär 'Parkar' Karlsson -
Sam 'Potshot' Allen -


Tim 'CHPX' Lang -
Adam 'Springer' Campbell -


Willem 'duncan' Angel -
Pär 'Parkar' Karlsson -


Tim 'CHPX' Lang -


Thorsten 'Borg' Schwalb -
Stafford 'Octave Doctor' Bawler 

Additional Thanks

Evan 'Ace12GA' Prentice
Dwayne 'Oddjob' Douglas
Michael 'Mel' Grözinger
Josh 'Gage' Coyne
Christopher 'Preacher' Strickler
Jesus 'Joe' Walsh
Mr Evil (for his debris sounds and textures)

Code support Thank Yous -
Wormbo, Squirrel Zero, Micheal, Grimfort, Gage

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