AirPower V3.2

This version brings the mod to V3.2 A list of fixes can be seen below.


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This version brings the mod to V3.2 A list of fixes can be seen below.

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1.Moved Exit Positions on Predator so blades won't kill pilot or passenger.
2.Changed Blades on Predator to still when Pilot leaves.
3. Predator Explodes when contacting water.
4. Added Friend radar to Predator to make it easier to pick up passengers.
5. Added Vehicle horn to summon bots as passenger .
6. Drop Ship Explodes when contacting water.
7. Team Color Change on Engines fixed when hijacking other teams plane.
8. Wraith actually cloaks In Network Play!!!!!
9. Wraith partially Invisible to Radar when Cloaked, can still be targeted but not seen on normal target boxes.

10. Bots cant see Wraith if Cloaked before bots can see it.
11. Bots can use Stealth on Wraith.
12. Wraith bomber passenger gets a message when nuke bomb is ready to drop and when its not ready.

13. Bots can eject from planes when near Game Objective i.e.. Flag.
14. Valkyrie new missile cluster missile fires 8 smaller missiles.
15. Wraith factory respawn time longer .
16. auto turret respawn time longer.
17. Loosen the turning radius on planes so can't turn 90.o instantly.
18. Lowered Speed on fighters a little.

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