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Sorry it took so long for me to get this up. The dumb transfer was going 10 KB/s, then it timed out with like 5 MB left, so I had to restart...


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Sorry it took so long for me to get this up. The dumb transfer was going 10 KB/s, then it timed out with like 5 MB left, so I had to restart it. Then it wouldn't connect. Ugh. Anyways.

Alien Swarm is an overhead view tactical squad-based shooter for UT2K4. Set in the the distant future, the players take the role of a Commander in the Interstellar Armed Forces. They must guide their squad of marines through Swarm infested colonies, overrun bases and outposts, to achieve a variety of objectives. Featuring Assault Rifles, Heat Tracking Guns, Sentry Guns, Flamethrowers and more. Supports co-operative multiplayer.

This mod reminds me of playing Natural Selection for Half-Life, except I am always the commander and th8e troops actually listen to me. For those of you that like top-down games, this is adefinately a mod for you.

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Download '' (121.9MB)

Alien Swarm V1.2 - The Ortega Campaign

To install, ensure you're patched to at least 3270, then extract this .zip to your UT2004 folder.

To play Alien Swarm, run UT2004\AlienSwarm\AlienSwarm.exe
Linux users can run ./Alien-Swarm-Linux in the same directory.
Alternatively, you can run UT2004 and use the Community -> Mods menu.

Good luck marines.


Default Controls:

W,S,A,D		= move
Mouse		= aim
Left click	= fire
Middle click	= grenade from rifle/assault shotgun
Right click	= menu to manage inventory
Number keys	= select marines
R		= reload weapon
E		= interact with stuff (i.e. push button, hack computer)
F		= use extra item (flares, medpack, etc)
G		= place sentry gun
T		= chat
C		= crouch
Space		= jump
V		= order AI marines to follow
Q		= order AI marines to hold position
X		= marine speech menu
F3		= call for medic
F4		= call for ammo


Features include:

Unique blend of action and strategy. 
1-8 players co-operative play. 
Single mission or Campaign mode. 
Large array of equipment for your marines, including Assault rifles, Shotguns, SynTek SmartEye Autoguns, Flamethrowers, Pistols, Incendiary Mines, Flares, Stim Packs, Ammo Bags, Sentry Guns, Medkits and more! 
Four marine classes: 
-- Explosives 
-- Special Weapons 
-- Medic 
-- Technical 
Skill and experience system allowing your marines to improve as they progress through the campaign. 
Full tutorial to teach you how to play and to use the equipment at your disposal. 
8 unique marines with portaits, personality, skills and background. 
Easy to use emote system for team communication. 
Full character speech for each marine which adapts to the current situation. 
Alien parasites which infest your marines and hatch from inside them. 
A variety of mission objectives. 
High scores, kill records and medals. 
A range of difficulty settings and unlockable map variations. 
Leader and voting system for online play.


New in 1.2:
[*] The Ortega Campaign by DusKer, featuring 6 new missions.
[*] New single missions: Aspirant and SynTek Bio Labs.
[*] New extra equipment: NV Goggles, Incendiary Grenades, Stun Grenades and Sarge's favourite.
[*] Imported new medic/reload/ammo lines for Wildcat.

Bug fixes/tweaks:
[*] Added key binds for dropping ammo from the ammo bag.
[*] A kicked player will no longer be able to rejoin during the same round.
[*] Player names are forced to be unique.
[*] Fixed a button exploit (the elevator on Ao-Rescue).
[*] Fixed various map exploits on Ao-Research.
[*] Fixed the shotgun infinite ammo bug.
[*] Fixed miscellaneous crashes.
[*] Stun grenades (hand and P-Rifle) affect marines for a shorter durataion.
[*] Protected some debug functions that could disrupt play.
[*] Fixed the 95/96 ammo bug with the rifles which would cause unnecessary reload at the start of the game sometimes.
[*] Fixed the sentry gun turning bug on dedicated servers.
[*] Microphone icon appears on the HUD over a marine who is speaking over voice chat.
[*] Players can't start a vote twice quickly in succession (to prevent a kick vote against them).

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