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Excellent model by Evil Engine... as always:)


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Excellent model by Evil Engine... as always:)

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Filename: AMON
Version: 2.0
Author: EvilEngine
Release Date: 9-13-2004


This is the second version of AMON, this time modified for UT2004.
Smoothed out the tail, horns and arms by adding a bit more tesselation so they won't be so blocky as before. Did some other minor mesh editing to improve the quality.
Updated the textures too, so the specular layer looks much more natural than before.
Much more reliable ragdoll and new animations.
Original mesh was done by request by Vailias(vailias(at) by request at the Polycount forums:

Textures, skeleton, rigging, animations and mesh edits by me.


Type of File: model
Custom Static Meshes: Yes
Custom Textures: Yes
Custom Animations: Yes
Custom Sounds: No
Custom Music: No


Bugs, Errors, Comments, Questions?
Send to: evilengine(at)earthlink(dot)net



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