Angel Interceptor 2K4

Another high quality model for your 2K4 fun!

Now she sits down in the vehicles:)


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Another high quality model for your 2K4 fun!

Now she sits down in the vehicles:)

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Multiplayer Pluggin Model

Angel Interceptor v1.2

Release Date: 	
19th September 2004 for v1.2

Changes for V1.2
UT2004 Version
Added Driving animation

Changes for V1.1
Added custom karma physics
Added self illumination shader to model to reduced effects of in game lighting to prevent the skin washing out
Adjusted animations to match movement more closely and reduce sliding.
Re did some jump animations to look smoother
Added customised death skeleton

Ian Waugh    

[email protected] 

(no longer updated)



To install the model Unzip the listed files to you UT2004 directory:


If you already have the AngelInterceptor model version 1 or 1.1, simply overwrite its files with these.

This model can be freely distributed as long as this text file is included, unmodified.
If you want to install the model on your server for pushing to clients follow this tut :-

Angel Interceptor

Heaven was basically getting on her tits, 6000 years sititng on cloud looking pretty, talking to the Gods and playing a harp had driven this once serene angel to drink. But after a couple of centuries, even her usual 12 pints of extra stong nectar just didn't help any more after a day trying to be saintly. Bored with heaven and desperate for stimulation her gaze fell upon the earth. Something down there did catch here eye, and it looked like it just might do the trick, sezing the moment, she raised a single digit to the heavenly host and jumped off her cloud.  

Upon reaching earth she quickly swapped her white robes for an outfit from Madam whiplass's house of pain, argumented her wings with a jet engine and entered the Unreal Tournement. 6000 years of pent up aggresion was just about to be unleashed on the poor unfortunates who dared to enter the arena with her.

It's sort of orignal, but its still just an idealised woman with some armour and fetishistic clothing, so the basic theme is nothing that hasn't been done 100 times before. I took some influences from Masuamnue Shirow's and Kia Asamiya’s work, but its done in a non anime style. Its been pointed out that it looks a little like Philip Castles's work to, but sort of rustier. The name is from Captin Scarlet (just the name), I didn't know what she was called when I was doing the modeling, just that is was some kind of angel, the interceptor bit just sort of poped into my head when I was doing the skin. It is not ment to be any thing relgious or any thing like that and no offense to anyone of that nature is intended.

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