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Annasophia Robb Voice Pack v1.1

AnnaSophiaRobbVP_v1.1.zip —


Here is a UT2004 voice pack of the talented young American actress Anna Sophia Robb. Shes one of my prettiest Hollywood teens in history, seriously I dont have a crush on her just please be gentle and kind on this person if you are older than her existing age. This is the first voice pack that is for the child/teen star Ive been made (since November 2011 on its first release) because lev tolstoi requested this custom VP from me and provided some audio samples. He published the Leslie Burke model from the 2007 family movie Bridge to Terabithia because AnnaSophia has taken the role and it is the perfectly fit for this voice pack I created, as the version 1.1 of this VP came out, the model is finally included in this pack. I hope some of UT fans will purely enjoy it. Many events that arent covered have their requisite text in place so you can use them, only you wont hear the sounds. Im recording some of her voice from the two movies in 2005 would be rather childish, similar to Young Anakin Skywalker VP (or Ani exact). The sounds are PAL audio format with 8-bit, 22 kHz mono .WAV files.

Version History: v1.1, 09-Dec-2012 * Adding new sounds of AnnaSophias character Cass in the 2008 road film West Texas Lullaby; with the unique of seven .WAV files I've compiled. * Player portait of AnnaSophia Robb is now 10 pics using MaterialSequence, showing each one in 3 seconds and fade between them. * Reduce the TransientSoundVolume value from 1.5 to 1.0 for exact sound volume. * The filename AnnaSophiaRobbVP1 with its extensions .U, .INT, and .UPL files, is changed to AnnaSophiaRobbVP and added the core package PrivateTuxVoicePacks.u. The package itself provides my voice packs for UT2004 that extends a class called PrivateTuxVoicePacks, under the name of my new author name Private Tux for new and future releases. * The model Leslie Burke is now included in this pack and its placed the model to this VP by replacing the default Satin model in the UPL file.

v1.0, 10-Nov-2011 * Original release version of the voice pack. Named Tux Android.

Samples: Youre gonna give up. You give up on everything. All you do is give up. You have to believe it, and you hate it. I dont have to believe it, and I think its beautiful. One wipeout in that tiny thing, and youre going to be showing a lot more than your sick rides.

Contents: 16 Acknowledgments 0 Names 16 Friendly Fires 5 Orders 24 Other/Miscellaneous 48 Taunts


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