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Annasophia Robb Voice Pack v1.2

AnnaSophiaRobbVP_v1.2.zip —


Here is a UT2004 voice pack of the talented young American actress Annasophia Robb, one of my favorite and cute actresses Ive never seen. Version 1.2 has few fixes, so this version would be recommended (but new versions higher than this version 1.2 in the future will probably recommended). Enjoy! ;)

VERSION 1.2 CHANGELOG (MARCH 25, 2013): * Update the INT and UPL file because the previous version 1.1 placing up this voice is the default UT2004 model instead of Leslie Burke. Apply to overwrite with this version 1.2. Sorry for the cause. * Removing sounds that doesnt fit to any sections and few sounds added. * New player portraits of Annasophia Robb in 2013, replacing the old ones.

Contents: 16 Acknowledgments 0 Names 16 Friendly Fires 5 Orders 22 Other/Miscellaneous 44 Taunts


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