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A nice mutator that changes some of the weapons in UT2004 into army weapons and is inspired by America's Army. The only cons about this mod is that it does not replace all of the regular weapons like the shock rifle or the link gun. Also, the original existing UT2004 weapon models are used for the new weapons. These are really the only cons about this mod, and they are not really anything that will ruin the fun factor of this mutator.

On the pro side, the default weapon is powerful, and the other weapons are good as well. The accuracy of the weapons also is dependent on what stance you are in (crouched, standing, or moving), but even in the moving stance, the weapons are pretty accurate. Some of the weapons have clips, but the mutator lacks a reload feature to were you can bind a key to reload those weapons before the clip is empty, a con that can somewhat ruin the fun factor of the mutator. Otherwise, the mutator is very stable, at least on my computer, and and is not too hard to use, so you should have a good time with this mutator. I would recommend this mutator to anyone looking for a mutator or mod for real weapons (shotguns, machine guns, etc.).

Note: I am not sure if the Developer's E-mail in our description is still valid. For safety, just go by the one in the readme if you want to contact the developer.

Screenshot Note: First screenshot courtesy of file submitter, who will remain anonymous unless he does not want to. I edited the last screenshot to point out the Frag Grenade pickup that luckily happened to get in that screenshot since I did not intend it to.



ArmyWeapons for Unreal Tournament 2004
Version 3.5   Completed 1/12/2005

Author: Matt Miller a.k.a. T-Bone
E-Mail: mattster at johnhmiller.com

Unzip ArmyWeapons.u and ArmyWeapons.ucl into your UT2004\system directory.

Seven Weapons from the U.S. Army's arsenal. Features accuracy and recoil
based on your posture (from best to worst: crouching, standing still, running),
and realistic mode. Unfortunately, there are no new models, but there are nice
new sounds! On your HUD, there's a row of bullet icons showing remaining ammo
in your clip (for the M4, M24 and M82).

Inspired by the great, free, online game: America's Army.

The M4 is an automatic rifle that fires fairly quickly and is quite accurate.
It takes about 2 seconds to reload its 30-round clip. It has moderate recoil.
The attached M203 grenade launcher fires impact-detonated 40mm grenades. This
is a good all-around weapon. The tournament version of the M4 is light enough
so that players can wield two M4s at once, to double the fire rate. However,
it also doubles the reload time and lowers accuracy. Still, dual M4s are a
force to be reckoned with.

Frag Grenades are powerful explosives with a large explosion radius. They
have three second fuses which can be 'cooked' off before throwing by holding
the fire button. Cooking a grenade too long will result in your injury or
death. Grenades can also be exploded by weaponfire and explosions. Primary
fire throws them full strength, secondary fire throws them at half strength.
The Frag Grenades are difficult to use well, but are very deadly when they
are timed right.

The M249 SAW is an automatic rifle that is fairly accurate for its very quick
rate of fire, but it has heavy recoil. This is a powerful close-range weapon.

The M870 is a single-fire pump-action shotgun. Due to the wide spread of the
pellets, it is quite limited in range, and has heavy recoil. At close range
where most of the pellets will hit, this weapon can quickly eliminate any

The RPG-7 is a launcher that fires rocket propelled grenades which move very
quickly and deliver high damage. Reloading another RPG takes about two
seconds. This weapon can effectively take out targets medium range.

The M24 is a single-fire sniper rifle that must recharge between shots, which
takes 2 seconds. It has a 5-round chamber which takes over 4 seconds to
reload. It has pin-point accuracy, and little recoil. Secondary fire operates
the high-power scope. This sniper rifle is preferred by those who only want to
shoot once per target.

The M82 Barret is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It has a 10-round clip which
takes about 3 seconds to reload. It's accuracy is almost dead-on, but it has
heavy recoil. Secondary fire operates the high-power scope. This sniper rifle
is better for quick multiple snipes.

Hints and Tips
- Make sure you have a fresh clip between battles. The weapons with clips
  (M4, M24 and M82) can be reloaded before the clip runs out by pressing
  secondary fire while holding primary fire.
- With posture effects enabled, it is best to crouch and hold still while
  firing at a target far away. When your enemy is close, it is best to move
  around as much as possible.
- With posture effects enabled, don't expect to hit anything with the sniper
  rifles if you're not still or crouched.
- With recoil enabled, dual M4s are more effective at long range with short
  bursts of fire.
- When using the M870 Shotgun, time your shots and make sure you have your
  target under your crosshair before firing.

Configuration Menu
There is an option to select weapon replacement mode, enable/disable each
weapon, enable the posture effects, enable weapon recoil, and enable players
to pick up and use a second M4.

Replacement mode replaces:
Assault Rifle with the M4 Rifle
BioRifle with Frag Grenades
Minigun with the M249 Rifle
Flak Cannon with the M870 Shotgun
Rocket Launcher with the RPG-7
Lightning Gun and/or Sniper Rifle with the M24 Sniper or the M82 Sniper

Note that only one of the sniper rifles can be used in Replacement mode.

Arena mode removes all weapon and ammo pickups in the map, and all players
start with the Shield Gun and the selected weapons (and the Link Gun in
Onslaught). Ammo for all weapons regenerate. Ammo regenerates faster in
Invasion and when only one or two weapons are selected.

Realistic Arena mode is like Arena mode, but makes the weapons do about
as much damage as they would in real life (just 1-4 hits will kill),
removes all pickups except health packs and makes them heal twice as much.
It also makes the shield gun's shield more powerful and regenerate faster.

Change Log
- Added option to enable/disable the posture effects
- Added option to enable/disable weapon recoil
- New realistic sound effects
- Weapon recoil is now smooth
- Weapons with clips can now be reloaded by pressing secondary fire while
  holding primary fire.
- Moving while crouched is now the same as standing still instead of running
- Bots now smarter with Frag Grenades and with posture effects enabled
- Changed Frag Grenade explosion effect
- Frag Grenades now have more realistic physics
- Increased secondary fire Frag Grenade speed to half that of primary fire
- Removed BioRifle mesh for Frag Grenades
- Sniper scope now uses crosshairs
- Added short safety fuse to M203 Grenades so they won't explode in the
  user's face
- Removed tracer from M82 shots
- Removed smoke trail from M203 Grenades
- Made many other various tweaks and improvements

- Switched from UT2003 to UT2004
- Added the M870 Shotgun
- Added Dual M4 feature
- Added Reloading indicator
- Changed "ammo in clip" indicator from charge bar to bullet icons
- Changed scope, it's now smaller with a red dot
- Bots use Frag Grenades now (pretty well, too)
- Arena Mode now gives players only standard amount of ammo instead of max
- Realistic Arena Mode now replaces keg o' health and shield with health
  packs and makes health packs heal twice as much
- Fixed weapon selection being reset after reloading
- Fixed recoil on clients sometimes happening before shot
- Added short delay before firing M4 secondary after firing primary
- Frag Grenades can now be damaged and destroyed by anything instead of
  just explosives
- RPGs can now be damaged and destroyed
- Made many other various tweaks and improvements

- Added RPG-7
- Added Frag Grenades
- Added a system that bases accuracy and recoil on posture. (Best to worst
  postures: crouching, standing still, moving)
- Added new custom sniper scopes
- Added new weapon and ammo icons
- Fixed network bug where client couldn't see reloading
- Fixed: no longer able to altfire or switch weapons while reloading
- Fixed bots' habit of seldom firing with snipers
- Fixed bug in Arena mode: if the M249 was selected but the M4 wasn't, you
  wouldn't get the M249
- Fixed mutator not passing ModifyPlayer()
- Fixed various Accessed Nones
- Changed "ammo in clip" indicator from text to charge bar
- Changed M203 Grenades to look more like, well, grenades
- Changed M203 Grenade smoke from black to gray to make them more visible
- Changed M203 Grenade explosion
- Improved menu
- Improved net code

Thanks To
- God for my coding talent :)
- Epic and Digital Extremes for making such an awesome game!

I used the WOTgreal editing program to make this mutator. I recommend it to
anyone that makes mods/mutators. Many thanks to the author for making it and
offering it to the community for free!

Unreal Tournament 2004 (c)2004 Epic Games Inc, Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA.  All
Rights Reserved. Unreal Tournament and the Unreal Tournament logo are
registered trademarks of Epic Games Inc. All other trademarks and trade names
are properties of their respective owners.

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